Queensland's miner diners spice up MKR

My Kitchen Rules contestants Alex and Gareth pictured during their instant restaurant in Mackay.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Alex and Gareth pictured during their instant restaurant in Mackay. Paul Broben

MINER diners Alex and Gareth kicked off the second group of instant restaurants on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The laidback mates did well but were overshadowed by their outspoken dinner guest Jess.

The fitness fanatic looks like she'll eclipse Zana as the contestant viewers will love to hate.

In viewers' introduction to Jess and her team mate Marcos,  "achiever" Jess claimed she doesn't know how to cook a "normal" meal.

Surely her over-confidence is a recipe for disaster? She quickly shot to the top of the Twitter trends tonight.

Alex and Gareth meanwhile, had a few issues with time management and rushed their crab salad, which had a few bits of shell in it.

"Unfortunately you didn't deliver it to me on this plate," Pete Evans said.

"Apart from the crab the dressing is the star of this dish and it was basically nonexistent on there."

The judges asked for a flavour punch in the main course, and the guys delivered with their red curry.

 "I think you've done very well," Manu Feildel said.

"I'm looking at my duck and I've got a beautiful pink meat, a small layer of fat and a beautiful brown skin on top of that. Crispy perhaps (it's) not, but I prefer that than overcooked duck.

"It's probably not the best curry I've ever had but you've done a great job thank you."

The miners didn't move fast enough with their dessert, though, serving up only one oozing chocolate lava cake to Evans.

"It's a really, really dangerous dessert," Feildel said.

"I've got a beautiful, moist cake on my plate but not a lava cake."

While their score is nearly double what Brisbane's eliminated team Cheryl and Matt received for their instant restaurant, Alex and Gareth will have to wait for one of the other teams to score lower than them to secure a spot in the next round.

Italian mates Luciano and Martino will host their instant restaurant on Sunday night.

There will be fireworks at the table as Jessica clashes with both Alex and judge Feildel.



Alex and Gareth's menu

Entrée: Miang of crab, coconut, mint and citrus

Main: Roast duck with lychee red curry and cauliflower rice

Dessert: Chocolate lava cake with white chocolate sauce

Score: 60

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