Radio host Irene Barrett claims a global popstar attacked her when she was just 14. Picture: Studio 10
Radio host Irene Barrett claims a global popstar attacked her when she was just 14. Picture: Studio 10 Studio 10

Qld woman accuses 'international pop star' of rape

A QUEENSLAND woman claims she was raped as a young teenager by an international pop star in an eye-opening interview.

Irene Barrett said she was just 14 years old when the popstar lured her into the bushes at a Queensland music festival in the 1960s and stole her virginity

Ms Barrett revealed the sexual assault on Network Ten's Studio 10 morning show but she did not reveal the identity of the man, only that he was married and remains a major star.



She said the incident occurred after she had approached the singer for an autograph.

"It wasn't in a private area or anything like that, anyone could sort of walk up to the tent and most of the time the tent flap was open, so as I said we'd walk around to try to get an autograph," she told show.

"So I went up to... and asked him for his autograph and he signed the autograph and he was all very friendly and lovely.

"Then he said something like, 'Oh, why don't you show me around? Why don't we go for a little walk I haven't been here before'".

Ms Barrett said he basically led the way and took her to a bushland area and close to a dam used for water skiing, "and suddenly there was no one else around".

"Next thing he pushed me down and I didn't know what was going on, but I knew it wasn't good,' Ms Barrett said.

"I remember clearly saying 'no, no, no', and he didn't listen and it happened - I lost my virginity when I was 14."

Years later, while working as a producer on Ten's Good Morning Australia, Ms Barrett said she confronted the popstar, showing him photos of herself in her teens and quizzing him on why he did it.

"He didn't say much he just started tapping his foot," Ms Barrett said.

"How could you not know? How could you not know if you raped a 14-year-old or took their virginity? I'm not a man, but how could you not know?"

She said she didn't go to the police because she was more concerned about who was going to find out than "who she was going to tell.'

She said she's telling her story because she believes he should now own up to it.

"I just don't think he should have got away with it."

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