Readers have their say on whether we should be blue or maroon.
Readers have their say on whether we should be blue or maroon. Patrick Woods

Should our blue blood turn maroon? Readers have their say.

UPDATE 3pm: OUR non-scientific poll regarding changing states for NSW residents has less than half (46%) saying the blue runs through their veins.

A smaller, but not insignificant number tallying 30% believe the Northern Rivers is just an extension of the Gold Coast anyway.

The Facebook comments on this contentious issue have been plenty and varied, with people giving their input into this most important question.

"Hell no! stay away Queensland, you've already got New Zealand," Amy Gilligan posted.

"NO! I want to live in NSW! If I wanted to live in QLD and be part of the Gold Coast, I would already be living there! DISLIKE this idea," Barbara E. Bear posted.

"I am born and bred NSW... if I want to live in QLD I will move across the border not have the border move to me!," Renai Ross wrote.

Not everyone was against the idea.

"Hell yes, Qld has great roads might see some improvements. Qld also has a great rubbish services," Michael John Scantleton.

"Might be a nice change to be able to celebrate a state of origin win with us..." Cy Grew posted.

There were also a few original ideas put forward.

"My household is keen on bringing back the New England New State Movement," Carol Ann wrote.

"How about dissolving the states and councils and create regional provinces. Do we really need three tiers of government?," Timothy Bromwich wrote.

11am: WHO we barrack for in the State of Origin may help us to decide whether we want to become Queenslanders or not.

Our local mayors have divided opinions on Annastacia Palaszczuk's desire to stretch her borders to include the Northern Rivers and it aligns with their league allegiances.

While Ballina's mayor David Wright has no interest in turning 'cane toad' as his allegiance is with the 'cockroaches' Richmond Valley mayor Ernie Bennett sees merit in the idea, as he is a Queensland supporter anyway.

"When the Broncos came into the Rugby League they were the closest team to where I was, so I started supporting them and have never changed," he said.


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Byron mayor Simon Richardson, originally from Victoria, has (wisely?) decided not to enter into the argument.

"I am an AFL man, and while I believe half the Queensland team were born in NSW, I'll stay out of it," he said.

"While I am happy to use (Queensland's) airport, and they may increase their cultural class in South East Queensland, I'm not sure what else they could offer us that we don't already have."

Should Byron Bay and northern NSW become part of Queensland?

This poll ended on 28 April 2016.

Current Results

Definitely, it's basically just an extension of the Gold Coast anyway


No chance, the blue runs through our veins


Maybe. Brisbane is a lot closer than Sydney


It's 2016, who even cares about state borders these days


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


Cr Wright believed any change or amalgamation into Queensland would only be a disadvantage to his constituents.

"Ballina Shire owns its airport, industrial land and other businesses and that infrastructure has helped us fund many things in the last four years," he said.

"We would be reluctant to lose that by changing or amalgamating.

"We love Queensland visitors but we would like to stay NSW."

Cr Bennett sees the benefit of becoming a Queenslander for economical reasons.

"We are only a couple hours away from the Queensland major cente, but 8-10 hours from Sydney," he said.

"Sometimes funding distributed reflects the distance we are from NSW's major centre.

"Major cities should be central to the state."


INITIAL: WOULD you be willing to call yourself a Queenslander?

If the sunshine state's Premier had her way, towns north of Evans Head would become part of Queensland.

Annastacia Palaszczuk said Queensland should expand into northern NSW, making her state bigger and taking in coastal areas such as Byron Bay, Ballina and Evans Head.

Meanwhile, MPs in the north of Queensland are pushing for a referendum to break away.

"There are parts of northern NSW that have more affinity with us. We should be inviting them to join us, not dividing our great state," Ms Palasczuk told the Sunday Mail over the weekend.

But NSW Premier Mike Baird asked whether April Fool's Day had come early, and local councillors weren't impressed with the idea.

Byron Shire councillor Duncan Dey told media it was a "joke".

"When I watch the Queensland development laws and what they mean, it would be over my dead body," he said.

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