Display-light robbery: Thieves ruin Christmas spirit

ELF OFF, THIEVES: This house in Margaret Cres , South Grafton, had lights stolen from its Christmas display.
ELF OFF, THIEVES: This house in Margaret Cres , South Grafton, had lights stolen from its Christmas display. contributed

THE Grinch is doing its best to steal Christmas this year, with festive lights going missing throughout the Clarence Valley.

In South Grafton, one family has taken down their lights after part of their display was stolen.

Josh Page removed the extravagant display, which had lights timed to music, after the Margaret Cres house was targeted alongside one in Fitzgerald St, South Grafton.

Mr Page said they saw a person try to take part of the display at about 10pm Friday.

Then in the morning, MrPage went to fix the display, only to find some of the lights had gone.

"There is a lot of time and money going into it," he said.

"I've seen on Facebook that someone else has been done two nights in a row.

"It doesn't feel good.

"My girlfriend's mum, when she found out she said she didn't even want to have Christmas anymore."

After the theft, his girlfriend Georgia went on Facebook to ask for the lights to be returned.

The Margaret Cres house wasn't the only one targeted.

Kylie Maree Miller commented on Clarence Valley - Buy Swap Sell to leave a scathing review of the behaviour of children stealing Christmas lights in the middle of the night.

According to her post, MsMiller was lucky enough to find her stolen lights dumped in a park.

A Knott's Close, Grafton, family was also targeted. Katherine Yates, who last week spoke to The Daily Examiner about she and her husband Gavin's first Christmas together, said people took lights from their display two nights in a row. 

"Friday night they stole Santa and Saturday night they stole candy canes."

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