Prolific entertainer has a no-frills approach to beauty

ENTERTAINER: Maggie Britton has maintained her beautiful looks with an unusual beauty product.
ENTERTAINER: Maggie Britton has maintained her beautiful looks with an unusual beauty product.

RUBBING a few drops of olive oil on your face at night is not a beauty tip you hear often today, but it has kept entertainer Maggie Britton looking beautiful for more than four decades.

She uses good quality Australian olive oil and believes it is every bit as beneficial as an expensive night cream.

"There is so much fuss these days about products," Maggie said. "I used to wash my hair with Velvet Soap and use it in the bath. Now buying any beauty product is confusing."

Many seniors would agree with her.

With a 'bop till you drop' philosophy, and a no-frills approach to beauty routines, Maggie Britton is an entertainer who keeps on keeping on, and getting better with it.

Her long and prolific career began in the 60s with Brian Henderson on Bandstand and still continues today.

Her many hits include Come on Down, Morning Dew and the country classic Reuben James.


Entertainer, Maggie Britton.
Entertainer, Maggie Britton.

She has performed with The Bee Gees, Robin Gibb, Peter Sellers, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, The Mama's and Papa's, The Temptations and the Three Degrees.

She is also a coach, mentor, presenter and compere.

A highlight of her long career was performing at a Royal Command Performance in London.

"The Royal Command Performance was a real thrill," she said. "I was singing my own compositions. I was lucky enough to have my mother, my aunt and my son come from Australia to see it, it was wonderful."

Although Maggie is reluctant to single out any particular famous person she has worked with, she does have a special fondness for Peter Sellers.

"He was a terrific person," she said. "When I met him, he was such a big star. The press were giving him all the attention. He made sure he pulled me over and got me included in things...he didn't have to do that."

Maggie says what keeps her going and performing is firstly her love of music, but also meeting people and being invited to places and events.

"Performing is like a vitamin pill to me," she said. "When I have to perform, I kick into a different mindset, a different gear.

"The wonderful thing about music is you get to meet amazing people, you get invited to places you'd never think go to. I've been Kazakhstan twice (for music festivals), I would have never thought to go there in a million years, but it was a wonderful country. I've been to Egypt which I loved and Turkey...places I never would have taken myself to."

Easier places to get to are the Gold Coast, Hervey Bay and the Sunshine Coast where Maggie will perform arrangements of music from the Great American Song Book' as well as Latin jazz and original tunes.  

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