It was 20 years ago that the world lost Diana, Princess of Wales.
It was 20 years ago that the world lost Diana, Princess of Wales. John Stillwell

Princess Diana's 20-year tribute website opens

BRITAIN's The Diana Award charity has opened this week a tribute website, encouraging the public to share their memories of Diana, Princess of Wales, in the 20th year since her death.

Do you remember where you were when the news of Diana's death broke ?

It was one of most heart-wrenching announcements of the era when Diana was pronounced dead after a dramatic car crash in Paris.

She was 35-years-old, her two sons were aged 15 and 12, and the date was August 31, 1997.

The outpouring of grief was extraordinary. The British royal family's loss quickly became the nation's loss and then the world's loss.

Ordinary people on the street hugged and cried as they started to mourn the death of a beautiful mother who seemed to them to represent a very human side to royalty.

It was one of those world events that stay in your mind, where, with little prompting, your memory takes you back to the place and time where you felt a shift in life, an inexplicable grief and a connection to something so far away and yet so close to the hearts of so many.

The aftermath of Diana's death was as almost dramatic as her life. It was a long and painful time for all who were involved with her and all that were exposed to the gossip and innuendo, and truths.

Twenty years on from the tragedy, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry are proving outstanding representatives of the British monarchy, reaching out to both the young and older generations of supporters, showing so much of their mother in their actions and reactions.

This week The Diana Award, which was set up as a tribute to Diana and her legacy of believing that young people have the power to change the world for the better, announced a special Legacy Award marking the 20th anniversary.

The charity is also marking the anniversary with the launch of a commemorative website celebrating Princess Diana's legacy.

The website,, is inviting the public to read about Diana's legacies and ultimately to add their thoughts and memories of the princess.

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