Premier rules out daylight savings referendum

Queensland has just had a referendum on four-year terms for the State Government, and there are calls for a referendum on northern Queensland becoming its own state - but there will not be a referendum on introducing daylight saving.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has rejected calls for a vote on introducing daylight saving, despite a petition signed by more than 21,000 people.

The petition referenced 2007 research into daylight saving in Queensland, which found 59% of the state supported introducing it.

It called on Ms Palaszczuk to "recognise the preference of the majority of Queenslanders for the introduction of daylight saving" and hold a referendum.

But Ms Palaszczuk shot down the calls for another referendum in a tabled response and said her government had more pressing concerns.

"This government believes there are other priorities facing Queenslanders that require attention," she said.

"I am committed to leading a government built on consensus and consultation that is focused on creating jobs, growing the economy and delivering on key infrastructure projects and restoring integrity and accountability."

Introducing daylight saving does not have support from either side of politics, with an LNP spokeswoman confirming the opposition has "no plans to re-introduce daylight saving in Queensland".

Queensland held a referendum on introducing daylight saving in 1992, which 54.5% of people voted against.

Advocacy group Daylight Saving 4 QLD posted on Facebook the rejection was the decision of "another gutless premier scared of what the people really want".

The group Daylight Saving for South-East Queensland did not respond to a request for comment. - ARM Newsdesk

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