Pregnant woman kicked in the stomach by her partner

A METH user threatened to kill his pregnant partner and their unborn child, then kicked the woman so hard in the stomach that it lifted her into the air.

At Ipswich District Court, the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence order and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Crown prosecutor Lara Soldi said a dispute between the 33-year-old and his partner escalated when the man struck her in the face with the back of his hand.

The assault immediately put the man in breach of a domestic violence order the 30-year-old woman had in place against him.

When woman told her partner that she was leaving, he responded by threatening to kill her and their unborn child she was 18-weeks pregnant with.

The man then kicked the woman and choked her with his hand.

He then punched her in the head, which caused her to fall on the ground.

At his partner lay on the floor, the man kicked her twice in the stomach.

A bystander, who tried to intervene, said the force of the man's kick was so hard that the victim became "momentarily airborne".

Police were called to the scene and arrived in time to witness the man strike his partner.

The victim suffered numerous injuries which included bruises to her face, stomach and leg as well as cuts on her body.

The incident took place while the couple were at the Helidon Natural Springs Spa Resort on April 24, 2014.

Prior to the attack, Ms Soldi said the man had been arrested and released on bail earlier that morning for offences of wilful damage and public nuisance.

The arrest was made after the man became locked out of the cabin he was staying in, swore loudly at his partner, and then smashed a window to get back inside.

Each time the police tried to take the man into custody, he resisted arrest.

As a consequence, he was charged with a string of additional charges, which included three counts of assault or obstruct police.

Before he was brought into court this week, the man had spent 99 days in pre-sentence custody before he was released on bail under strict conditions.

Judge Sarah Bradley noted the man had breached domestic violence orders twice before, with offences against previous partners in 2010 and 2011.

"You have treated the women in your life very badly," she told the man.

"This most recent assault on your partner was a serious example of domestic violence.

"It was a sustained attack... It seems almost miraculous this woman didn't suffer more serious injuries and that the baby was unharmed."

Defence barrister Steve Kissick said the man had complied with his bail conditions, which included reporting to police three times a week and attending counselling sessions.

Mr Kissick said his client had been diagnosed with a chronic mood disorder.

He said two weeks before the attack, his client had sought help to get over his anger issues but was unable to get proper assistance.

Mr Kissick said at the time of the offending his client was self-medicating on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

The man and his partner had also been using methamphetamine.

As a result, Mr Kissick said his client had a limited recollection of the offending.

Mr Kissick said the man had used his time in prison and on bail as an opportunity to rehabilitate himself.

He said the man and his partner had reconciled and were still in a relationship together.

The man was sentenced to 12 months in jail and released on parole. His partner's domestic violence protection order was extended by two years.

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