Powerball jackpots to record prize

The winning numbers for the second-largest jackpot in Powerball history have been revealed and there was no division one winner, meaning the prize jackpots again - this time to an Australian lottery record $110 million.

The numbers were 21, 27, 8, 6, 28, 34 and 7. The Powerball number was 16.

There were nine division two winners who share in a prize pool of $825,560.10. They each pocket $91,728.90.

The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said it will be "mind-blowing" if a single winner takes home the entire $110 million.

"It would be the biggest Australian lottery prize ever won by a single entry," he said.

"The current record for the biggest individual lottery win is held by a Sydney woman, who won more than $107 million in Powerball in January this year.

"2019 has already been a watershed year for Australian lotteries as we've seen a series of high jackpots offered and won. We can only wait and see how the rest of the year pans out for lottery players, starting with next Thursday's draw."

Lottery officials had earlier speculated that up to one in three Australian adults would buy a ticket for tonight's near-record $80 million prize.

Last financial year there were 10 division-one Powerball winners who pocketed nearly $399 million. NSW and Victoria had three winners each, while Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and WA had one each.



It’s only the third time an $80 million prize has been offered. Picture: Stewart McLean
It’s only the third time an $80 million prize has been offered. Picture: Stewart McLean

Two-thirds of the winning entries were randomly generated QuickPicks. The rest were marked entries, where the ticketholders chose the numbers themselves. The smallest was a seven-game entry, the biggest a 50-game entry.

To win the division-one prize, players must correctly pick all seven winning numbers plus the Powerball. The chance of winning with a one-game entry is one in 134,490,400 and one in 11,207,534 for a 12-game entry.

While each number has an equal chance of being drawn, according to The Lott some numbers have been drawn more frequently than others over the past 15 months.

From the main barrel, where seven numbers are drawn from 1 to 35, the "hot" more frequently drawn winning numbers are 17 and 2, while the "cold" less frequently drawn winning numbers are 12 and 1.

For the separate Powerball barrel, where a single number is drawn from 1 to 20, the "hot" numbers are 3 and 19, while the "cold" number is 1, which hasn't made a single appearance during this time.


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