Singing Bird gets the Aussie Spirit

Parrot's perfect rendition of the national anthem

THERE has always been a strong musical line running through Noddy Connors family, and just in time for the Commonwealth Games there's some more songbirds hanging around the house.

Ms Connors runs the Casuarina Parrot Gardens past Ramornie and in the past month she's trained one of the birds to get into the national spirit.

Ms Connors put a video up last night on Facebook of her yellow naped Amazon parrot "Dinki Di" singing lines from the national anthem, and other Aussie tunes.

The perfectly coloured green and gold parrot was bred and hand reared at the gardens, and Ms Connors said she noticed from an early age she was quite focussed on her.

"I'm always singing to the birds, and she and another bird had become quite good singers, but the other one didn't like cameras," she said.

"So I brought her inside about a month ago, and just started singing the songs to her over and over again.

Ms Connors admitted the video took a few takes and said the birds are prone to getting up to a bit of mischief while singing.

"I was going to put them up separately, but we kept the camera there and put a few of the takes together," she said.

Ms Connors said she put the video online to get a bit of spirit back into the leadup of the Commonwealth Games, which she said had some negative publicity leading up to it.

"I think sometimes the lead-in can be a bit slow and the media get a bit negative about it, so I thought it'll be good to rev it up a bit," she said.

"I'll have the TV on 24/7 for it. We've always been mad on it."

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