Polar bear cub takes first steps at Sea World

A BABY taking its first steps is surely one of the cutest, and most filmed, events in childhood.

And you better believe it's no different in the animal world with Sea World's star baby polar bear strutting its way to a debut performance.

The near two-month-old cub was an adorable mess of wonky steps, shakes and falls as it tried to discover the den it shares with mother Liya.

And it may be not too long till the cub, which Sea World are yet to identify the gender, makes it first public appearance.

"It is an exciting time for our team as we begin to get a first glimpse into the cub's personality," Sea World Director of Marine Sciences Trevor Long told Storyful.

"The cub has grown significantly in size and has started taking its first wobbly steps meaning it won't be too long until it's ready to explore the world outside of the den."