Pie shop owner wants to quash half-baked rumours

SEMI-RETIRED: Gail Sauer’s Bakery Cafe owner Gail Sauer.
SEMI-RETIRED: Gail Sauer’s Bakery Cafe owner Gail Sauer. Boni Holmes

WELL known for reinventing her grandparents' popular pie business, Gail Sauer wants to quash rumours that have been baked up.

As owner of Gail Sauer Bakery Cafe, Gail said customers were coming in making all sorts statements.

"Customers are coming in saying that I had sold the business and I was no longer the owner," she said.

"Another was we had completely shut down.

"I would just like to let everyone know that we are definitely not sold and we are very much still open for business."

Gail has semi-retired.

"I have retired to Maaroom - doing a bit of fishing and crabbing," she said.

"I still come down to the bakery and do prep work.

"When the boys need a break, I come up to help.

"But getting out of bed at 2am is hard."

The 61-year-old said she still works hard but the body was slowing down.

"I started at the Park St shop at 16," Gail said.

"I have known half the community for 41 years, selling pies.

"Gail's has been open for nine-and-a-half years and time has just flown.

"I have lost track of time since retiring."

Gail said she appreciated the community support.

"We could never have survived without this community - their support is wonderful," she said.

"And we have been going strong ever since.

"We have changed with the times - adding a dine-in, air-conditioned area with wheelchair access just after Christmas."

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