Peregian Beach Association also share environmental information.
Peregian Beach Association also share environmental information.

Peregian community's pride in 20 years of activism

THE Peregian Beach Community Association (PBCA) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and talks to us about its long and colourful history.

Before 2005, residents of north and south Peregian were separated by an invisible border in Plover Street. Residents north of the border were in Noosa Shire and those in the south were in the then Maroochy Shire.

In 1993, protests against illegal bulldozing of the Peregian section of the Noosa National Park to connect Lorikeet Dve to the motorway, resulted in the State Government calling a halt to the proceedings.

Lorikeet Dve was closed to traffic at its southern end and Lorikeet Park became the community's asset.

Then came another protest in 1996, this time against a seven-storey high-rise nick-named 'Maralinga', as it did not comply with the Maroochy Town Plan.

A public park opposite the site was given for apartment car parking spaces. The opposition to the development was fierce. When the developer withdrew his application, the park was christened 'Victory Park' by locals.

Later, at the urging of the PBCA, Victory Park and the land beyond, previously held by the original developer, was transferred to public land in 2004 with Noosa Council as trustee. A PBCA member donation and lobbying resulted in the beachside viewing platform at the park.

What came next?

In 1998 the South Peregian Beach Community Association was incorporated.

A group of volunteers began restoration work in dunes, parks and waterways, clearing weeds, and planting. This group still operates today. Over time, successful grants, totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars, were granted, all spent in the Peregian environs.

Frustrated by decisions of local government, residents petitioned the State Electoral Boundary Review Commission to shift the boundary so South Peregian could become a cohesive community with North Peregian in the Noosa Shire.

After two years of skilful, respectful and professional lobbying by PBCA, the Boundary Commissioners agreed that South Peregian residents should become part of Noosa Shire in 2003.

However, this was short-lived when in 2006 the then State Government amalgamated Caloundra, Maroochydore and Noosa Councils into one Super Shire.

PBCA campaigned, petitioned and worked co-operatively with local community groups to successfully overturn this decision in 2014. The Association's name changed to the present Peregian Beach Community Association.

Twenty years on from 1998, PBCA's pro-active, co-operative citizenship continues.

PBCA supported Noosa Council's opposition to the removal of Peregian Beach Caravan Park in 2003. PBCA has consistently supported Council's refusal of the development application for 58 units, a hotel and a conference venue for this site which backs onto the Noosa National Park.

PBCA led community support and gathered funds to assist Noosa's Council's decision to retain the old bowl's club precinct as a recreation and leisure precinct and opposed the proposed supermarket for the site in 2013.

The Association's members formed a working group enabling the establishment and building of the Peregian Beach Community House in 2008. PBCA members were part of the original Management Committee.

Members supported and worked for the establishment of Veggie Village in 2007.

PBCA continues to respectfully urge developers and Council to consider the wishes of the Peregian Beach Community in its decisions.

Members of PBCA continue to actively involve and engage with local school groups and others to work on restoration and planting in various locations within Peregian Beach environs.

Written by PBCA's talented grant writers, a large grant was secured which enabled the western side of David Low Way, from the southern entry, north to the hardware store, to undergo a three-year major restoration and planting project. Combined with the boulevarding of David Low Way and work on its eastern flank by Council provides a beautiful southern entry to Noosa Shire.

PBCA is a pro-active group which respects and works quietly to preserve this unique and beautiful environment and to promote the values, wishes and interests of the Peregian Beach Community.

New members are always welcome. Phone 54482665.

Meetings are held in Victory Park, Lorikeet Dve, at 10 am on the second Sunday of every month.

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