Pauline Hanson says Labor spreading lies about One Nation.
Pauline Hanson says Labor spreading lies about One Nation. Patrick Woods

Pauline Hanson hits back at Labor 'lies' on One Nation

It has become clear that Labor's plan to combat the rise of Pauline Hanson's One Nation is to simply lie, lie, and lie.

While I have been busy working around Queensland, meeting everyday Australians and listening to their concerns, Labor had Senator Murray Watt work on spreading a load of lies.

I bet you are all asking, who is Murray Watt? Because that's the first thing I asked?

Murray Watt claims to be a Queensland Senator, but where was he when our farmers needed help protecting their land or our cane farmers needed support in their battle against Wilmar?

Senator Watt and the Labor party want to scare you by lying and claiming I will support the Government's saving measures in full, but all I have ever said is I will take a good long look at them and make sure that people are given a fair go.

The truth is I have only ever called for more help for pensioners and the most vulnerable in our society, while also acknowledging that something must be done about our skyrocketing debt.

Last time pensioners took a hit, Labor refused to challenge the changes and simply pocketed the pension cuts into their own budget plans.

So the truth is the only political party in Australia that has always opposed changes to the pension has been Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

One Nation has consistently called for a reduction of workers on 457 visas. Under the last Labor government, 457 visas reached their highest ever levels.

And in response to the bizarre comment that I have somehow sided with criminals, anyone who understands the law that was passed will understand that we were in fact standing up for legal gun owners who have been left exposed to overly harsh penalties.

I have only ever put forward policies that will increase employment, benefit regional Australians by reducing the cost of electricity, increase regional jobs, and restore land rights to farmers.

I am also constantly pushing for the development of our roads and championing the construction of more dams.

But when will Labor mention that?

These typical Labor lies are just another example of what is causing voters to leave the major parties and look to Pauline Hanson's One Nation for honest solutions.

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