FINDING LOVE: Use some of these tips to kickstart your journey to finding a new companion
FINDING LOVE: Use some of these tips to kickstart your journey to finding a new companion YazolinoGirl

Looking for love? Age won't be a factor with these tips

HITTING 60 and being single doesn't mean you can't start all over again using some of these tips to kickstart your journey to finding a new companion.

Brush up your outlook

  • Put pen to paper and list out what are your personal strong points and what you enjoy doing; sport, recreation, hobbies, general interests.
  • List what you want from a partner; age, interest, passions, religion, and whatever else is really important to you.
  • List out what you want to share with a partner.

Get a great photo

  • Tidy up your hair and maybe shave away the 5 o'clock shadow.
  • Put on a clean shirt and one that makes you feel good.
  • Take off the sunglasses and get a friend to take a head shot of you that shows off you smile.

List yourself online

  • Get online to find a dating website that you like the look of, is affordable and that you find easy to use.
  • If you aren't sure, talk to your friends, both male and female. You might be surprised to find there are several of them who have been online and can give you advice on which site to use and how.
  • Don't lie about yourself when you list your details. Stay true to yourself.
  • Learn how to keep your profile updated and how to respond to people who show interest in talking to you.

Connect locally

  • Ask around your friends and family about local groups that are open to new people joining in their activities.
  • Check out for group ideas - it's a great way to get active and meet new people, both friends and partners.
  • Ask at your local library for information on local social and fitness groups.
  • Join in and enjoy!

Be honest in your conversations

  • We all want honesty in our relationships so it's wise to stay true to yourself and to your profile so you can quickly build trust between you and the people you meet online.
  • You don't have to tell everybody everything, but it's good to be consistent with the amount of information you share.


  • Try to find places to meet new people where you also will be comfortable. If you don't like bars, don't agree to meet in one.
  • Remember, both of you are going to be on edge and making judgements about each other - just try not to judge too quickly.
  • End your meet-up with an honest farewell, maybe a commitment to talk again. Even better, ring or message your date in the following 24 hours to thank them for meeting you and let them know if you want to meet again or not, and then hope they respond.

Have fun

  • Don't forget to enjoy the experience of meeting new people.
  • Not everyone you meet, either online or in person, is going to be the right one for you. It may take many dates before you find someone who is just right. But, think on the bright side, imagine how many interesting and varied people you will meet, how many new coffee shops or restaurants you will get to discover, and maybe how many new friends you will make.

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