Often the drinking starts well before the club or hotel.
Often the drinking starts well before the club or hotel. Max Fleet

OUR SAY: 1am lockout laws not the answer to pub violence

IT'S not surprising that the Queensland Government looks set to scrap or delay its 1am lockout laws before they are even introduced.

The problem is not so much how long people are staying at clubs and pubs, but rather how drunk revellers are getting.

Pubs and clubs have a duty of care - a legal responsibility - not to serve intoxicated patrons.

Yet weekend after weekend, we see those laws flouted.

But the problem starts well before the first drink is served at a club.

Too many are 'preloading' with spirits before they even walk through a nightclub or hotel.

They do it because it is cheaper to drink at home or at a party and then hit the clubs later.

Why they feel it is necessary to be so wasted to have a good time is beyond me.

Often these drunken fools are the very same people who spoil it for everyone else later into the night.

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Most people who go to clubs or hotels just want to have a good time. Catch up with mates, perhaps enjoy a dance, and have a few social drinks.

Some would argue that they should be allowed to do that until whatever time in the morning they want.

The LNP argues that the Palaszczuk Government's alcohol-fuelled violence crackdown, including the 1am lockout, is punishing the majority for the sins of a few.

Now the Queensland Government is reportedly considering a trial of an ID scanning system for major venues that will make it easier for clubs and pubs to reject problem patrons.

Those who have been involved in a fight, even at another club, would go onto a register which clubs could access.

It means, if you're a brawler, you would be banned from entry.

It is understood clubs put a proposal to the Government last month for a trial of the system in exchange for the delay of the lockout.

Mandatory scanning was due to come in last year but was delayed while the Government considered how the scheme would work.

That system should be introduced - along with tightening of 'last drinks' laws.

Surely it is a good idea to give revellers an hour or two to sober up before venues close.

If that meant a last drinks at 1am or 3am and the club closes at 3am or 5am, surely that's enough.

Contrast that with what has been happening.

The Courier-Mail reports today that there has not been a weekend since July 1 - when drink restrictions first came in - that revellers had not been able to buy ­­­a drink after 3am in Fortitude Valley.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has promised that any changes to laws the government makes will be based on evidence.

And so it should be.

The highest priority, of course, is public safety.

We cannot continue to see the alcohol-fuelled deaths which have cut short the lives of people like Wayne Dover and Cole Miller.

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