GROWING CONCERN: Our nation is founded on Christian values which must not be compromised, says Chris Lancaster.
GROWING CONCERN: Our nation is founded on Christian values which must not be compromised, says Chris Lancaster. Rich Pedroncelli

OPINION: We mustn't lose our Christian values

IT IS of great concern when we read and see on a daily basis the deteriorating state of our society.

We see a changing world with uncertain and sometimes fearful implications.

Many of us - especially those of mature age - can testify to incredible and ongoing changes that threaten our values and those principles that we hold dear; that we have grown up with and has always been our way of life.

Whatever happened to the concept of treating others the way we would like to be treated? Those virtuous qualities of tolerance, patience, respect , courtesy and consideration of others?

Instead we see a rise in road rage incidents, one punch killings, bullying in schoolyards, increasing murders and violence in our streets.

Being politically correct has taken away our freedom of thought and expression and the ability to disapprove and oppose those standards of behavior that are detrimental to what we have always believed and hold true.

One must be careful in labeling someone a racist when opposing a belief or conduct that is detrimental to our values, safety, wellbeing and way of life.

Our fathers and grandfathers fought for our freedom and for the future of their children and grandchildren. They faced an enemy that was to a great extent predictable and known.

Today, on the other hand, we have an enemy that is quite unpredictable and often unknown with cowardice and lone wolf attacks.

An enemy that uses stealth and is subversive and underhand in nature.

When we see what is happening in Europe and other parts of the world it is little wonder that many of us are concerned and are speaking out.

Indeed not to do so would be irresponsible but sadly today many are reluctant and have become too politically correct to express the truth of what they fundamentally fear and believe.

Our politicians also seem unconcerned regarding the changes and influences that threaten us.

While I endorse the freedom of religion and thought; I strongly oppose any religion or ideology that clearly places the safety of our future and our children's future at risk.

Our nation has always had a heritage of Christian principles, values and standards.

Our legal system was inherited in the most part from our original mother country of England. The common law of England became the common law of Australia; its origins dating as far back to the Magna Carter and indeed even further back in history to Moses and the Ten Commandments.

These Christian principles which have become the fabric of our law have evolved down through the ages, giving us a fair judicial system and the basis of the Westminster system of law and order.

To adopt Sharia law in our country would make a mockery of our system of justice and take us back 1400 years, bringing a barbaric culture totally opposite to the Christian principles of our law that we have embraced for many centuries.

We owe it to our forefathers - those who have built our nation; those who have given their lives in defence of our freedom and to our children and their future children - to protect the values and principles of our Christian heritage and ensure Australia strongly opposes and rejects any ideology that threatens to destroy those things that we hold dear; that has been the basis of our constitution, legal system and Australian way of life.

Indeed it would be wonderful to see an even greater return of those Christian principles back into our society today. To bring back prayer into our schools, in government meetings and parliamentary sittings.

I believe God honours a country that honours Him.

Christian religious education in schools will teach the fundamentals of what is good and what is bad. What is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable.

Sadly this is being misunderstood today. The true God of Heaven is a God of love, a God of patience, long suffering and forgiving- not one of hatred or condemnation.

To promote and enhance the Christian teachings of our heritage may see our society improve; to one of more tolerance, acceptance and consideration of others.  


Christian Fellowship of Noosa

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