OPINION: It's time to stand up for the older people in our community

DON'T CARE: Closing beds at Millbank Village is ludicrous, says one reader.
DON'T CARE: Closing beds at Millbank Village is ludicrous, says one reader. Paul Donaldson BUN120117MILL7

I am writing in response to the closing of about 30 places at Millbank Village.

I find this ludicrous.

We need more beds available for our aged, not less.

I spent seven weeks in Childers Hospital from May last year with a broken leg.

While there I saw elderly patients being shuttled from hospital to hospital while waiting placement in a nursing home.

My partner was placed in respite care at Biggenden Hospital and Millbank for three months while I came home and cared for myself.

He received excellent care at both places.

After being in Bundaberg Hospital we were going to first of all be sent to Mundubbera Hospital and after I could not find placement at Biggenden I was going to be sent to Eidsvold Hospital.

We have no relatives to help us with banking, shopping etc and so would have had to rely on friends to help us, which eventually we had to.

Some elderly patients in Childers Hospital had been first in Hervey Bay hospital, then Maryborough and then to Childers.

One elderly lady had no relatives in Australia, was nearly deaf and had no way to contact her friends in Hervey Bay where she lived and no way of getting money.

Another had been shifted from Bundaberg from Wondai and then to Childers and back to a nursing home in Bundaberg.

Luckily she had family to support her in Bundaberg.

Another elderly person had been sent to Hervey Bay from Howard then Maryborough and then Childers while waiting placement.

What is happening with our health system?

To me it seems to be badly broken and the people mainly hurting are our elderly.

Why? They have paid their taxes all their lives and are now treated like this.

Why isn't the government of any party in power doing more for our aged?

I asked the question of someone in the health department why there are not more nursing homes being built when it is being told in the media that Bundaberg is going to get more nursing home beds.

I was told it costs (correct me someone if I am wrong) $320,000 to provide the bed.

I also asked why the beds were not re-contracted out if they were not provided after a certain time.

I was told that they would be given to another area or state.

That is absolutely ridiculous.

In this day and age where we are sending aid abroad it is about time we started looking after our own.

I mean our aged.

They have looked after us, fighting our wars etc. Now it is time somebody stood up for them.



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