Nan joins in the fun at Dreamworld.
Nan joins in the fun at Dreamworld.

OPINION: Easter is a grand day out with the family

ANY grandparent would consider looking after grandchildren a "dream job".

So I didn't hesitate to take my three angels on a day trip to Dreamworld theme park on the Gold Coast.

There's plenty of rides, displays and activities to keep the kids amused, so Nan could just sit back and relax, right?

Life wasn't meant to be that easy, I discovered.

Perfect as my three granddaughters are, they tend to take charge.

With only two hands and accompanied by three children taking off in different directions in a vast theme park, I realised I'd have little time to take it easy.

A tip: Shouting "come here" till you're hoarse usually has no effect whatsoever. In fact, "losing Nan" seems to be a game they've all agreed to play.

If I'd only thought about the challenges earlier, I could have packed three lengths of strong rope; better still, those neck and foot chains used to keep slaves under control in an era when children were blissfully seen and not heard.

Bribery, however, is another option for bringing my sweet granddaughters to heel - like telling them they can't go on their favourite rides unless they stay within earshot.

The day took an anxious turn when I was informed that I had to accompany the littlies on some of the more "adventurous" thrill rides.

After living with a back complaint for several years, I've long ago crossed such daredevil entertainment off my activity list.

But pleas from angel-faced grandchildren are not to be ignored, and self-sacrifice is a necessary requirement of grandparent-hood.

As is boundless energy and deep pockets!

And then there's the Easter egg hunt coming up this weekend…

That's another chance to spend quality time with the most precious little people in my life.

Happy days … and Pop will be there this time to share the load!

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