NO SPAM: even the advisers get it wrong sometimes when it comes to avoiding email spam.
NO SPAM: even the advisers get it wrong sometimes when it comes to avoiding email spam.

OPINION: Do as I say and not as I do

SPAM. No, not the kind my mother used to feed us. It's the electronic kind - and it has the same awful taste.

For several weeks now I have been researching and writing pieces on technology for older Australians, handing out advice from experts, and some from myself, on what to do to avoid getting caught by scammers and spammers.

Ah. It seems it's time I slapped by own wrists for not listening more carefully to all that advice, or in the words of someone great, but not sure who - do as I say and not as I say.

It must have been a moment of a complete brain lapse that I allowed a scammer to get under my now-loose veneer.

I have been subscribing to a number of overseas news feeds as I follow the goings on of the Trump circus.

It would appear that one news feed email, and it only takes one, wasn't ridgy-didge. I have this feeling I responded to one of them, sharing my email address, without taking time to carefully check the email address of the sender.

Suddenly an onslaught of spam arrived in my inbox. Blithely I deleted each one of them, sending them to the Permanently Delete option only to have more pour in all day.

Next thing I know Telstra suspends my Bigpond account.

At another time I might have rejoiced this move, enjoying some time of peace and quiet.

But, my email receives all my bills, including the dreaded credit card account. Sound familiar ?

You can't not have an email account these days. You simply can't.

So stress attack, multiple phone calls to Telstra's technical support team to tell a different  person the same story, oh, I don't know, maybe 10 times.

Finally, I found the best way to get my account re-opened and the spam stopped.

Step one - find the Telstra report spam form, fill it in and submit it online.

Step two - plead, cajole and stay hanging on hold on the phone to Telstra for hours, if necessary, until you finally get to talk to the right person in technical support who not only knows what to do, but can also do it.

Actually, there is a step three. Do as I say to avoid spammers. 

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