Onus on council to attract variety of holiday-makers

Glorious holiday weather at Alexandra Headland.
Glorious holiday weather at Alexandra Headland. John McCutcheon

RE OUR Say, 'Find more options for tourists', (Daily, December 13).

It appears one of the biggest problems is affordable accommodation for families.

The two councils could start by not closing any more caravan parks. Then perhaps enticing developers to convert the land they are sitting on waiting for approval to build another "Trump Tower” into sites the council could temporarily approve for grey nomads and backpackers.

There are campers with tight budgets parking overnight in illegal places for want of just the basic facilities.

A problem in Noosa National Park at the moment.

Gone are the days when the "welcome mat” was put out for all levels of holiday-makers. It's now becoming a "welcome mat” for big spenders and plans are on the table to attract the high-rollers.

I am yet to see this type of holiday-maker support the family corner store or fish and chip shop.

These bread and butter places made the Sunshine Coast a national tourist attraction as they catered for the regular surfers, holiday-makers and their families from all over the world.

The two can work together if the same council support is given to both.

I bet there are a lot of families that have lived here for years that couldn't now afford to come here for a holiday.


Sunrise Beach

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