Eastern brown snake slithers into child's bed

A family was shocked after finding a deadly snake in a child's bed. 

The snake was quick, almost too quick for South Burnett Snake Catcher 24/7 owner and operator Christian Andersen. 

Mr Andersen said it was the most interesting catch of his career as the snake cleverly evaded all human contact. 

He was called out to a job in Murgon on Friday night where a eastern brown snake was found slithering its way into a child's bed. 

"This one was quite an interesting one as this family had been sharing a bedroom with the second most venomous snake in the world," he said. 

"The snake had clearly been around for a long time because it was quick to escape humans, it was used to their presence."

The snake took more than four minutes to be captured as it quickly slithered into nooks and crannies of the bedroom.

Brothers Dylan and Lucas Frahm discovered the snake. 

"It seemed agitated as it couldn't escape, it made its way on to the bed and even up a Storm jumper hanging on the wall," Lucas Frahm said.

"It would go to the door and try to escape through the the little gap but then after realising it couldn't get out it would then make it's way back to the end of room like it knew his way out.

"Christian turned up and caught him. What a relief, especially when you think of all the what ifs."

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