Ingrid Bergman.
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DAY IN HISTORY: Ingrid Bergman lived and died

Ingrid Bergman

29/08/1915 - 29/08/1985

"I'm happy it all happened to me. I've had a very rich life. There was never a dull moment. When I was very young in Sweden, I used to pray 'God, please don't let me have a dull life.' and he obviously heard me."

Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman was born on August 29, 1915, in Stockholm, Sweden. Bergman's mother died when she was 3 years old and her father, when she was 12. She attended Royal Dramatic Theatre School in Stockholm.

1935: Bergman signed her first movie contract

1937: Married Peter Lindstrom, a dentist who later became a neurosurgeon.

1938: Her first daughter Pia was born.

1939: Moved to the USA for work.

1942: She played Ilsa Lund Lazlo in Casablanca

1949: Movie director Roberto Rossellini starred her in Tromboli

1950: Bergman and Rossellini married after each gained a divorce from their respective partners. Their first child was born out of wedlock and they later had a set of twins. For seven years she was vilified in the US due to these actions.

1956: Their marriage was annulled and she returned to Hollywood.

Mid-1960s: Returned to the stage.

1967: Appeared on the American stage for the first time in 21 years.

1974: Awarded an Oscar for best supporting actress in Murder on the Orient Express

1975: She was diagnosed with breast cancer, but continued to work.

1982: Bergman's last role on television was where she played the Israeli prime minister, Gold Meir, in the mini series A woman Called Golda.

1982: Bergman died at 67-years-of-age on her birthday, in London.

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