Old school values aren't all they are cracked up to be.
Old school values aren't all they are cracked up to be. Nev Madsen

Old-time values not really that great

ROBERT S. Buick has to get over his impotent masculinity and questionable values (Daily July 5). The same men cry out time and again to anyone who will listen that life has changes as the world moves on. I have said it before "All is change: change is the only truth".

Mr Buick blames our wonderful university system for breaking "western cultural values".

But as any person who has the privilege of tertiary learning knows, the values of the past were skewed to the interests and ambitions of the privileged. I dismiss this cry and cringe by the facts of a more diverse and interesting society where all humans are treated with respect and cared for.

The "old values" - treated women like servants; practiced prejudice and bigotry; humbled oneself before the powerful; believed national symbols are unquestioned and "sacred"; believed the "have nots" were inferior; treated the Earth like a rubbish dump and exploited natural resources for the benefit of the privileged.

No Mr Buick, the old traditional values were cherry-picked for the purposes of their time.

People were told select "values" were eternal in a make believe world of social idealism.

I can only wish good luck to conservatives who subscribe to "western cultural supremacism" that two world wars were catastrophically fought over.



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