Aleea Moodie of Yoga Bhava is hosting nude yoga classes in Toowoomba
Aleea Moodie of Yoga Bhava is hosting nude yoga classes in Toowoomba

Nude yoga in Toowoomba: It's not what it seems ...

A YOGA instructor is offering something completely unique for Toowoomba women - an empowering nude yoga class.

For some people the idea of doing naked yoga is terrifying because you're not only exposing your body to strangers, but also moving into different, sometimes slightly unflattering, poses.

But Aleea Moodie of Yoga Bhava had a different idea about participating in the practice nude.

She said she knew it would be liberating for all women who participated - and she was right.

On Wednesday she held her first class at the Pure Pilates and Wellness Studio in Russell St.

Nine women, including herself, stripped down in the dark and spent an hour practising yoga.

Ms Moodie said it was an incredibly empowering experience.

"It was the most amazing and empowering experience. I'm still a little bit lost for words at the bravery and beauty that joined me," she said.

"Everyone was really appreciative of the class and said they would do it again tomorrow if they could.

"It was something really special and unique.

"It's not about sexualising nudity. It is about being confident in your own skin.

"When I put the idea out there I said if women were sick of looking at edited photos on Facebook and in the media and if they wanted to be around real raw people then they could come a long."

Ms Moodie made the setting as comfortable and safe as possible.

The room was dark, the women lined up in a row with their backs facing a wall and they only focused on controlled comfortable positions.

"After the first five minutes everyone relaxed," she said.

"No one is looking or judging each other because they are all only concerned with themselves so it is a really safe space."

With such an overwhelming positive response Ms Moodie plans to hold a nude yoga session each fortnight.

She will be advising of session details on her Facebook page Yoga Bhava.

The cost will be $20 and limited spots are available.

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