The August edition of Seniors News.
The August edition of Seniors News.

Nourish yourself with creative spirit

CREATIVITY is the key to longevity, it can nourish the soul and feed the spirit.

Creativity is enjoyed in many forms - from woodworking to dressmaking to cake baking and dancing, The Oxford dictionary defines creativity as: The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

In other words, the place where the mind steps off the process line and begins its own thinking.

Staid, is not part of the creative equation.

So, in this issue, with plenty of evidence to show the benefits, I encourage you to rearrange the furniture of your mind and make way for the new, the fresh, the imaginative and creative.

My desire to give the finest example of creative is expressed in the choice of our wondrous cover personality; a dancer, choreographer, designer, artist and poet Eileen Framer.

At nearly 103 years old, she is extraordinary, dynamic, gentle and perhaps even lucky to reach this age with such apparent beauty and grace of mind and body.

Fortunately, we are gifted with her desire to share her life story of creativity with us.

Eileen was born in the Sydney suburb of Mosman Bay, she began her dance studies with Gertrud Bodenweiser at age 22.

Bodenweiser, German dancer and choreographer arrived in Australian in 1939 and went onto found a company based on German expressionist dance.

Eileen toured with the company for 10 years. She then travelled the world and spent the last 20 years in the USA.

At 99 years old Eileen missed her birthplace and came back to Australia.

These days, the world is home to an ever-growing number of centenarians.

In Japan, it has been reported there are now more than 65,000 centenarians.

It is simply not Eileen's age that is impressive, it is her artistic mind and movement. It is, as CEO of Arts Health Australia Dr Maggie Haertsch said, her ability to challenge ageing stereotypes.

"Dancing,” Eileen said. "Psychologically strengthens me.”

Since back in Australia, Eileen has danced and choreographed at the Independent Theatre Sydney, featured in music videos, performed on stage, collaborated with an Australian fashion designer and given movement workshops.

No wonder Westpac and the Australian Financial Review announced her as a winner in the 100 Women of Influence Awards 2016.

In this edition, we speak to two of Australia's leading Art Health proponents.

CEO of Arts Health Australia Dr Maggie Haertsch and Dr Margret Meagher founding Executive Director of Arts and Health Australia, the national advocacy and networking organisation dedicated to promoting the positive impact of the arts and creative expression on health and wellbeing.

We also feature Dr Bianca Brijinath, the newly appointed Deputy Director of the National Ageing Research Institute. Dr Brinjinath is a social geronotologist and is researching the cultural and social aspects of ageing (See interview, pages pages 52 and 53).

I trust you enjoy reading about the people and industries that are changing the face of ageing in Australia.

Happy Queensland Seniors week.



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