BOLD HAIR: Baby Boomer are goddesses in their own right and have really learnt who they are and what they want
BOLD HAIR: Baby Boomer are goddesses in their own right and have really learnt who they are and what they want Image Source

No more boring hair; go bold instead!

GONE are the days when Baby Boomer meant a silver warrior wanting a short, practical, low maintenance haircut; translation - boring.

Today's 55-73 year olds are a coveted demographic at most hair salons, many of whom are cashed up and happy to invest in their hair with creativity and panache.

"We absolutely adore our Baby Boomers in the salon," B'Me Hair Salon owner and 33-year industry veteran Marie Nieuwoudt said.

"These women are goddesses in their own right and have really learnt who they are and what they want, using their hair as an expression of personality, sexuality and individuality.

"Many are exploring new looks and styles, boldly taking that leap into expressing their inner personalities through shape and colour, which they may not have had the confidence or financial means to experiment with in their 20s and 30s.

"Also, a growing number are single, looking for a fresh look to start this new chapter of their life."

Australian Hairdressing Council member Marianne Smith from Cambridge Hair Collective in Manly wholeheartedly agrees. "Age does not define how you should wear your hair or feel about your appearance," she said. "I'm not going to tell anyone that they've reached the age where they need to have a perm or set once a week or even cut their hair super short because they are a senior citizen - absolutely not!"

Marie says there is an array of stylish women in the Baby Boomer age bracket that provide inspiration on the hair front.

"Sharp statement haircuts as worn by Jamie Lee Curtis, Dame Judy Dench and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour are hugely popular in our salon," she said.

"The Baby Boomer generation make their own rules and no hair is too long - Jane Seymour and Meryl Streep showcase that beautifully - while mid-length is always such a popular choice with Oprah Winfrey, Julia Gillard and Hilary Clinton some of the mid-length shining stars. It's an exciting time for both creative hairdressers and the bold Baby Boomer."

So while our Baby Boomer generation embrace style with panache, we cannot ignore that with age there comes some challenges in the hair department.

Hair can grey, change texture, become curly, oil or dry, even thin out dramatically.

"As we move into retirement we notice that our hair just isn't the same as when we were 20, 30 or even 50," Marianne said.

"Hair moves through changes every three months, just like your skin becomes dehydrated and your body changes shape. You may have noticed more white hair or noticeable hair shedding through the night.

"Sometimes we see unmanageable growth patterns too, where the hair just doesn't sit right anymore despite blowdrying it the same way and using the products we have always used."

"Additionally, as menopause takes its roller coaster ride through our lives and our hair, we experience many changes, so we as hairdressers have to navigate it with our clients.

"The priority is to keep them looking and feeling sensational, via an ever-changing hair routine and supplement program that maintains a youthful glow to the hair."

Next month I will give you tips take with you to your next salon visit.

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