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Ker-ching founder Rebekah Darmody shows the options members have for online shopping.
Ker-ching founder Rebekah Darmody shows the options members have for online shopping.

New shopping website Ker-ching! offers cash back for members

As little as 20 years ago, the idea of logging onto your computer, searching the internet to find a product you need, paying by credit card with the hope that that product would be delivered a few days later would have seemed impossible.

Fast forward to 2019, and when it comes to shopping online it seems more and more Australians are signing up to give it a go every day.

An IBISWORLD report published in February estimates average online sales revenues for the past five years to be about $24billion a year for Australia being delivered by an estimated 57,400 businesses who use the internet as their shopfront 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released in 2018 estimated $1 out of every $20 spent in Australia is now spent online - and that figure is trending up with 85 per cent of Australians now connected to the internet and more than 12 million Australians now active on social media.

For Rebekah Darmody, founder and creator of the newest online shopping sensation, online retailing is a passion she shares personally and as a business leader in the space.

"Who doesn't love a bargain? We're all looking to save money, that's why Ker-ching! was developed," Rebekah said.

"Retailers are getting products to market quicker, allowing consumers to capitalise on trends and special offers like Travel, Accommodation, Groceries, Petrol, Fashion, Entertainment, Drinks, Dining, Tech, Health ... the list of discounted and cash back opportunities are overwhelming".

At, the business has partnered with 1000 retailers to offer Ker-ching! members the chance to "be paid" for shopping with major retailers.

The payment takes the form of a cash back credit for individual members based on the advertised rate for purchases they make on retailer's own sites after following a direct link from the Ker-ching! site that enables the lead to be tracked.

Credits on the Ker-ching! membership card can then be transferred as real money into members' bank accounts.

"Getting paid to shop is a standard feature on Ker-ching! and it's free to join," Rebekah said.

Check out the site's cash back calculator for an idea of the cash back you might receive if you started your online shopping journey with them.

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