New millennial slang you're guaranteed to hate

THERE'S one thing that makes you feel just that little bit older each year.

No it's not your birthday, but rather the words the younger generation is coming up with, further butchering the English language.

Nobody could blame you if you thought millennials were speaking another language.

MILLENNIAL PHRASE: I'm hundo P going tonight so I can ship you and Larry and get lit.
TRANSLATION PLEASE: I'm 100 per cent going tonight so I can set you and Larry up in a relationship and have a good time.

Last year we heard words like swag and bae and the phrases "squad goals" and "on fleek".

Those words are now so 2015 so here are the dumbest words that came out of 2016 and a dictionary for all those who don't know what the heck people are talking about half the time.


Millennials like to use this word to be either passive-aggressive or patronising.

It's basically a word that mixes honey and c*** together, and was made popular by the drag queen community.

"Oh, don't be jealous of me hunty" would be one way you could use the word in a sentence.

Hunty can also be used when you're addressing a friend with attitude.

How to use it in a sentence - "You're fierce and he's not going to know what hit him, hunty".


This word describes a wannabe or somebody trying too hard.

Think about a mum who brings you lemonade when you have friends over and tries to get all the goss from school.

Extra also refers to people who are taking things too far or reacting to something way over the top. Extra is the new "drama queen".

However you can't be "an extra" like you're on a movie set. You're simply just "extra".

"She was so extra when she yelled at me for using her hairbrush" is one way you could use it in a sentence.


You guys, snatched is totally the new "on fleek".

If you missed it last year, on fleek pretty much means on point or perfect.

Saying "that dress is snatched" would be a really nice way of complimenting a friend, or should I say, somebody in your squad.

On Instagram the hashtag #snatched has been used 322,577 times.

Most pictures with that hashtag are selfies.


As if the words weren't bad enough, millennials also introduced some abbreviations this year.

TD was certainly a favourite but it seems pointless as it takes just as long to say as "to die", which is what it actually means.

But you wouldn't say something like "I want my cat TD (to die)", as it means to die for.

You'd say "this dress is TD", meaning you love it so much you've got to have it.

So if you hear somebody saying this in a shop, buy the last dress in the millennial's size to punish them for saying such a thing.


Why, just why? There should be no place for this term in the English language.

But sadly there is. If you see something you really want, you say "Goals AF", because it apparently sounds much better than saying "I'll strive towards it".

Goals AF (as f***) could refer to anything from a job, to a friendship, to a festival you really want to go to.

Last year "squad goals" was a popular phrase, which referred to goals for your friendship group.

However goals AF is reserved for your personal wants.


Despite "Damn Gina" being a quote from a 90s sitcom, it's only just become a popular term to use in daily conversation.

It's from the television series Martin, and whenever the character Gina would bother him, Martin would say "Damn Gina".

It was however always a term of endearment.

So if you're friend does something slightly annoying, but they're just somebody you couldn't be mad at, it's appropriate to say "Damn Gina".

It has the opposite meaning of "Bye Felicia", which was a term made popular in 2015.

If you're leaving somewhere and somebody says "Bye Felicia", it means they couldn't care less.


Now this one isn't even grammatically correct.

Woke is used instead of awake ... because ... millennials.

It means to be aware of what's going on.

You could say "you don't know who Donald Trump is? You clearly not woke".

It's hard to imagine having an intelligent conversation about current affairs and interrupting it to tell someone they're not "woke".

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