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Rosemary and her husband for whom she is now a carer would be able to access services through the Carer Gateway site.
Rosemary and her husband for whom she is now a carer would be able to access services through the Carer Gateway site.

Govt announces new free support services for carers

IF YOU or someone you know is caring for a family member or friend, there are new support services available through Carer Gateway.

There are 2.65 million carers in Australia and 25 per cent are aged 65 or over. Many more of these are people caring for someone 65 years or older.

Carers can now access greater support with the introduction of the new Carer Gateway support service.

New services include carer support planning, counselling, peer support, carer directed support packages, and emergency respite services.

These services are free for anyone caring for a family member or friend who is living with a disability, a long-term medical condition, mental illness, alcohol or drug dependency or someone who is frail due to age.

Anyone can become a carer at any time - through the birth of a child who may have a disability, as a result of a loved-one's accident or illness, if someone close to you has a long-term health condition or an addiction and sometimes because the people we love simply get older.

Whatever your circumstance, Carer Gateway is a great free resource available to all carers.

Research shows older carers face challenges to their health and wellbeing and may be more vulnerable to social isolation as a result of their caring role.

Getting help early can make a big difference to a carer's life, reducing stress and improving wellbeing.

Carer Gateway is focussed on accessing support early to ensure carers receive the support and services they need.

Carer Gateway provides practical information and advice and connects carers with local services in their area.

Carers can access these services by calling 1800 422 737 or visiting

Carers NSW is the dedicated Carer Gateway Service Provider across Hunter New England, Central Coast and the North Coast of NSW, and will provide services to carers in this region.

No matter where you are located, you can phone Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 and be directed to the Carer Gateway Service Provider in your region who will help identify the supports best suited to your needs.

Carer Gateway is funded by the Australian Government, who are investing $550 million in support services for carers across the country.

Some service delivery is currently impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with current limitations on face-to-face contact, however phone-based and online carer support is available.

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