New exercise a gravitational pull for a better back

ACTIVE AGING: Bob O'Brien demonstrates his AntiGravity zero-compression inversion exercise with Suncoast City Performing Arts Centre's Alicia Bryant.
ACTIVE AGING: Bob O'Brien demonstrates his AntiGravity zero-compression inversion exercise with Suncoast City Performing Arts Centre's Alicia Bryant.

AGE holds no boundaries for 80-year-old Bob O'Brien who has taken up doing AntiGravity classes which are being offered for the first time on the Sunshine Coast.

"As I'm getting older I need something to keep me fit so my muscles do not go to waste, and this makes me feel young again," Bob said.

"It helps me keep back problem under control.

"The more you do it, the more fit you'll become, and it'll be easier to master the more difficult steps.

"I've always been an active person, and decided this is a great way to keep myself active and healthy by doing these exercises."

Suncoast City Performing Arts Centre director and teacher Alicia Bryant suffered a back injury several years ago. She now swears by the program as she is finally able to move freely again and without pain.

"I remember after my first session, I just cried," Alicia said.

"It had been years since I had felt such relief from my back injury.

"I remember thinking 'I must have this for my dancers'."

After finding the AntiGravity program, Alicia became obsessed with bringing the program to her students to assist in the rehabilitation of injuries, and most importantly the prevention of future injuries.

This combination of AntiGravity exercises are intended to decompress the spine and align the body from head to toe, while stretching and strengthening the muscles along the way.

Alicia said there are endless benefits from AntiGravity including increased muscular flexibility and strength, muscle tension release through self-massage techniques, increased kinaesthetic awareness, low impact cardiovascular conditioning, enhanced self-esteem, increased mindfulness and command/response acuity and the prevention and diminishing of varicose veins.

"The greatest benefit of AntiGravity is the zero compression inversions," Alicia said.

She lists the benefits of inversion as increasing the hydration to the intervertebral discs, re-aligning the spine, refreshing the endocrine, lymphatic, digestive and circulatory systems, releasing happy hormones, that is serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, endophalins, endocaniboids and dopamine, and encouraging glowing skin due to the fresh blood reaching the capillaries of the face.

"I couldn't believe the amount of money and time I had spent on chiropractors and physios trying to fix the problem unsuccessfully," Alicia said.

"To then receive an instant and long term relief from a single AntiGravity class was crazy."

Alicia's Suncoast City Performing Arts Centre offers the new fitness program to all ages, genders and fitness abilities.

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