The biggest issue facing Toowoomba residents

YOUR SAY: Obesity is one of our biggest issues - for individuals and also for society.

It is a contributing factor to diseases like diabetes and some cancers.

As such it is a drain on our health system. For individuals it may mean premature death.

But when it comes to tackling this problem, there is so much conflicting information out there.

For decades the "big bad" was fat. However despite the prevalence of low-fat food, we're still putting on weight.

Now there's been a bit of a rethink. A greater focus is falling on the dangers of sugar and seed oils etc.

Even so, it's hard to find "the right" answers amid the myriad of studies and reports about just how to maintain a healthy weight.

Should we cut out all sugar? Should we eat whatever new superfood has been "uncovered"?

Two Toowoomba women are doing their bit to help cut through the confusion.

Tomorrow night, The Shed Training owner Alex McNamara and Bec Wilson, founder of Rebecca K Fitness, are holding a free Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Education Evening.

The aim is to provide real life, practical advice.

It's something many of us need - a way to see through a complex subject.

The education evening is on tomorrow at 6pm at The Shed, 140 Mort St. See our story on P. 4 tomorrow for more.

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