Former Navy engineer Keller is a participant in season three of Married At First Sight.
Former Navy engineer Keller is a participant in season three of Married At First Sight. Channel 9

Navy man Keller ready to marry a perfect stranger

FORMER Navy engineer Keller is hoping to find a woman who loves him, tattoos and all.

The 26-year-old from Brisbane is one of six grooms-to-be who will marry a stranger at the altar in the third season of Channel 9's social experiment Married At First Sight.

The series followed expertly-matched couples as they embark on a trial relationship that starts with a wedding before progressing to a honeymoon, moving in together and spending time with the in-laws.

"I was in the navy for six years and it was hard to have and keep a relationship because I was always away," Keller told APN.

"I really wanted the opp to be matched up with someone by professionals on a psychological level."

Keller prepares for his wedding day on Married At First Sight.
Keller prepares for his wedding day on Married At First Sight. Paul Broben

Keller said he wasn't worried about his extensive arm, hand and neck tattoos putting off his bride.

"I was more worried about her parents," he said.

"The older generation has that mindset on tattoos that they're for criminals or bikies. That was my worry with the in-laws. My worry with her was is she going to say yes to me? And if so then when the priest says 'kiss the bride' do I kiss her on the lips or the cheek?"

Keller said his family initially laughed at him when he said he was going to marry a stranger on national television.

"My mum burst out laughing and my dad was like shock horror. They didn't know what to think," he said.

"My grandma was pretty funny too. She didn't understand it at first and we had to explain it to her. But in the end everyone was really supportive. It's a once in a lifetime thing to do."

It appears Keller's experimental marriage is off to a great start.

"I turned around and saw this gorgeous blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a big smile. There was that instant skip-a-beat feeling, an instant attraction," he said.

"There was a bit of nerves, but it wasn't awkward. I grabbed and held her hand. We just clicked and it was awesome from then on."

Keller encourages viewers not to dismiss the show as a superficial stunt.

While cupid's arrow doesn't always hit its mark, Married At First Sight has produced two stable couples who are still together: Zoe and Alex from season one and Erin and Bryce from season two.

"It's not for everybody, but everyone wants to find love," he said.

"I don't think anyone who does this show thinks about the marriage side of it, as in you're signing a dotted line. You know you're getting married but it's more about finding this partner who's perfectly matched for you. That's the way everyone needs to look at it."

Season three of Married At First Sight premieres tonight at 8.40pm on Channel 9.

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