CAREPILOT: A new Sydney-based online service gives easier access to making right package choices.
CAREPILOT: A new Sydney-based online service gives easier access to making right package choices. Jacob Wackerhausen

Navigate aged care changes with online service CarePilot

THE newest offering for seniors battling to understand how to get the best service value out of the changes in the aged care sector is the online service CarePilot.

Business founder Dr Peter Hanley said the CarePilot website will extend the company's existing care management services.

"We now offer the full spectrum,” Dr Hanley said.

"People can interact online if that is their preference or they interact with us completely offline, and we have clients in both of those camps.”

The online service includes tools and resources to make it easier for families to, if they wish, manage the packages on their own.

"Even if you are inclined to manage things on your own, it can be a daunting prospect to figure out what do I need, how do I track it down, how do I get access to services I can feel confident in and where do I go to fund all of that,” Dr Hanley said.

CarePilot offers advice and tools to help a user -

  • select and book aged cared support services.
  • keep organised.
  • manage funds.
  • connect with family members.

It's offering a client-orientated choice of free, part-paid or fully-paid support, depending on what is required by the client.

Accessing the Carepilot website is free then clients choose the level of support they want -

  • Self-Management: Fully self-service using the CarePilot platform. This is offered online only and is free.
  • Guided Self-Management: Self-service with support from experts at CarePilot. This is part-payment service at a cost of about $60 per week. It suits people who are mostly self-directed and happy to access the services online, but still want some guidance from time to time.
  • Comprehensive Care Management: Comprehensive expert support on all care and support needs. This is the fully-paid service CarePilot has been doing for years. Clients can start at this level and then often after a few months, the client can move to the Guided Self-Management service once their services are organised.

"We do offer a free initial consultation for families to help them understand what they need to do to access a Home Care Package,” Dr Hanley said.

All CarePilot users have access to:

  • Be Guided: Get help and advice from expert Care Managers, including navigating the aged care system and assistance on how to get funded.
  • Book Services - find and manage care from a range of trusted providers.
  • Manage Funds - budget and control funds with our budgeting tools and monthly statements.
  • Get Organised - view and edit schedules and receive alerts on upcoming appointments.
  • Stay Connected - invite and engage family on the latest care activities.

The business is currently focused on Sydney service providers, but Dr Hanley said CarePilot has plans to become national by the middle of 2017.

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