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My life my journey recalls milestone moments

Milestone moments: Store and access your greatest memories

THERE are plenty of happy moments in everyday life. But milestones are rare. Milestones are the penultimate moments.

When three people from differing backgrounds recently came together to discuss and define the milestones events in their lives, it seemed they shared a common event - the birth of a new generation.

Be it father, mother, grandparent or other relatives, the arrival of a family member soared way above the multitude of occasions that make up what most of us would consider a good life. No doubt everyday actions prove our love, but emotion associated with an event as powerful as a milestone is not so easily voiced. 

Recording these magic moments, from the birth of children to educational achievements, attendance at family weddings or ceremonies, to expressing the courage it took to skydive or learn Latin dancing, creates an opportunity to invite your loved ones to join a unique and everlasting conversation with you.

The My Life, My Journey website is a digital photo album that allows you to give three dimensions to the truly meaningful moments in your life. Just like a printed photo album, it is there for you to share, remember and rejoice in the funny, inspirational or emotional life events. And just as you open and welcome friends and family to view your photo album, this digital album also gives you the freedom to choose the people who will share your memories.

My Life My Journey is a unique, fun and easy way to build your life story. It can be as simple as adding photos to your timeline or more complex, with friends and relatives helping you with memories, video and other documents. It is a safe online platform on which people of all ages and backgrounds can chronicle and share their story. Unlike other social media platforms, you can tell your story in your own way and share it with the people you choose, alternatively you can even invite others to contribute to your stories.

Milestones is among the categories, which are called BRANCHES, representing the different, broad areas of your life, and are there to make it easy for you to remember and jot down the different stories that belong to each BRANCH.

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