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My Aged Care website a 'life changer'

THE Australian Government's My Aged Care websites isn't just an online portal to the best information and services for seniors - it's a life changer.

The website prepares ageing Australians with a variety of services and support options to make the right decision about their future.

And no decision is as important as the decision on where to spend the golden years of life.

The My Aged Care website offers a range of options for seniors that are either looking to move into a retirement community or require services to stay at home.

"A home care package is a coordinated package of services for people so they can maintain the quality of life," Consumer representative Annettee McNee said.

The services provided also recognise that not all customers are the same, offering flexibility and peace of mind.

"I looked at the aged care website, I looked at the aged care plan," Bernard, a user of the website, said. "Now the girls come in every morning.

"It's a great thing, a great package, I love it."

"It's such a good system," Mary, another website visitor added. "Anything you want to know about what's going on or what's available to you is on the My Aged Care website."

However, it is the testimony of Diana and Ignatius that really hits home the impact that the website has on people's lives.

"I think our lives would have been so restricted," Diana said. "It changed our lives."

More details are available through the My Aged Care website and the information phone line on 1800 200 422.

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