Kevin Bishop, Xavier Samuel and Marshall in a scene from the movie A Few Less Men.
Kevin Bishop, Xavier Samuel and Marshall in a scene from the movie A Few Less Men. Contributed

MOVIE REVIEW: A Few Less Men is a funny enough sequel

WHEN A Few Best Men hit cinemas in 2012 it was a laugh out loud, politically incorrect comedy that featured Olivia Newton John snorting drugs, a gimp mask and a stoned sheep.

Five years later and a sequel is coming to cinemas with the original writer and cast in what can only be described as a comedy that knows how to please its audience.

Set immediately after the events of A Few Best Men, one of four friends at a wedding in the Blue Mountains falls over a cliff and dodges death, only to be to flattened by a rock that followed him down.

It is up to David (Xavier Samuel), Tom (Kris Marshall) and Graham (Kevin Bishop) to get their friend Luke back to the UK where his grieving aunt is planning the funeral.

When their private jet crash-lands in the middle of nowhere, the boys have to carry their friend across various landscapes while trying to survive everything Mother Nature can throw at them.

Over the next 90 minutes the boys travel from one calamity to the next including many incidents that can't be listed here in a family-orientated review.

The tone is set in the first 10 minutes when the boys pick up the body only to find there's no way the coffin lid will close, if you get my drift.

Kevin Bishop, Kris Marshall and Xavier Samuel in a scene from the movie A Few Less Men.
Kevin Bishop, Kris Marshall and Xavier Samuel in a scene from the movie A Few Less Men. Contributed

Writer of the original, Dean Craig, returns to pen this sequel. He also wrote the classic Death at a Funeral, so you pretty much know what you're in for.

With sequels popping up to movies you least expected in the last couple of years, A Few Best Men wasn't on the top of the list of movies fans wanted more of, but there's a ready-made audience for this sequel, and they know what they want.

If you like your comedy a bit rude and don't care if you get offended, then you'll enjoy this sequel which at the very least will give you several laugh-out-loud moments.

It's great to see the likes of Deborah Mailman, Jeremy Sims, Sasha Horler and in particular Shane Jacobson on screen in small, but effective roles.

Jacobson in particular is clearly relishing his part in this movie.

There's even a few good fart jokes thrown in for good measure, and it's clear that the trio for Samuel, Marshall and Bishop were having way too much fun making A Few Less Men, especially if you stick around after the credits for the bloopers.

A Few Less Men is what it is. It doesn't set out to win the Best Picture award at the Oscars, instead aiming to be a bit rude and have some fun with its audience.

If anything, the one thing you'll want to do after the movie is visit Western Australia, as it is showcased in such a way you just want to jump on a plane and see the varied landscapes for yourself. The locations are stunning.

Kevin Bishop has all the best lines as the bumbling idiotic Graham, and the three lead actors gel well together to the point you can't believe there was a five-year gap between films.

This isn't La La Land, and doesn't pretend to be. It's rude, crude and very funny, despite the fact you've already forgotten it by the time you get home… but isn't that why we all go to the movies 90% of the time?

A Few Less Men opens nationally tomorrow.


A Few Less Men

Stars: Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Ryan Corr, Shane Jacobson, Deborah Mailman

Director: Mark Lamprell

Rating: MA15+

Verdict: 2.5/5 stars

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