Seniors exercise the mind and body with Move to the Grove.
Seniors exercise the mind and body with Move to the Grove. Lifebridge Australia

Move to the Groove helps treat dementia

"IT'S OUR latest program to be launched, and already we're witnessing the powerful impact it is having on the lives of our customers and their carers". Said Bronwyn Mitchell, CEO Lifebridge Australia.

Move to the Groove is a highly engaging, social and collaborative dance program, by Lifebridge Australia, for the Aged out of Cudgen Road in Kingscliff. Participants in the program are over 65 years of age, and experience a range of conditions including dementia, isolation, mobility restrictions, depression and more. The group program works at an individual level seeking to overcome such barriers through a range of individualised techniques.

"We had one customer join us with Early Onset Dementia who struggled to adopt any of the movements of the program. We provided him with visual props, got him counting the beat of the song, gave names to each of the steps and guided him with each of the movements. To our delight within 3 weeks, he was doing the steps all on his own." Said Feonie Pegler Program Instructor.

The program exercises the body and the brain delivering therapeutic benefits to our participants. By getting up and moving about, your body releases a chemical called Endorphins which triggers a positive feeling in the body. Combine this with the sense of purpose the program provides, the social engagement, the routine and feeling of something to look forward to each week and the program is changing the participants mental state, their outlook on life and the way they interact.

The benefits of which impact not only the individual, but the support network that surrounds that person.

"If you're happy in what you're doing, and it's making you smile, your nurturing your personal well-being." Said Feonie Pegler.

Customers who have previously been isolated, suffering from depression, who have dementia are happier, more engaged and are starting to take care of their well-being again.

Program Instructor Feonie, makes a point of being silly with the participants to break down the barriers, to remove any nerves and to encourage laughter within the group. The participants laugh with one another, they support each other, and they celebrate each other's successes.

Move to the Groove runs on Mondays each week for a four-hour period. Participants warm up with Tai Chi style movements, enjoy a light morning tea, seated choreography development and practice, lunch and then the floor dancing.

Research indicates that by engaging in social dancing, it lowered the seniors risk of dementia by 76%. Furthermore, the movements must change regularly, which is why in our Move to the Grove program we encourage participants to come up with the movements each week and choose the songs they like. This way they are engaged and actively thinking.

You can find out more about Move to the Groove by calling 1800 043 186 or visiting

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