Mother recalls the heartbreak of forced adoption

IF DROPS of rain are truly tears from heaven, then they were surely shed for good reason at the fifth anniversary of the Queensland Government's Apology for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices.

Margaret Oakhill Hamilton spoke to Seniors News of her own experience at the moving ceremony in remembrance of parent and families separated from their children, held in the lush gardens of Roma Street Parklands on Monday, November 27. 

Margaret explains the circumstances of her pregnancy and how she was forced into having her son adopted, she goes onto speak of the emotional scars of adoption and then meeting her son, who sadly died last year. She speaks of two farewells, the first to her son at his birth and then at his funeral. 

She says he died of hereditary heart disease, which perhaps could have been treated had he been aware of family history.

Finally, she speaks about participating in political campaigns for positive change in the Queensland Adoption Legislation.