More than just tea and scones on the table at QCWA

FUN AND WORK: Frances Tilly and Shirley Platz, Middle Ridge QCWA members.
FUN AND WORK: Frances Tilly and Shirley Platz, Middle Ridge QCWA members.

CUPS of tea? Check. Home-made scones? Check. A room full of women? Check.

For many people, this is where the Queensland Country Women's Association begins and ends; but they would be wrong. Whilst tea, scones and women are constant elements, there is a whole lot more to the QCWA than one might imagine.

Established in 1922, the QCWA has been both a conservative and progressive force in rural Queensland. Proud of its traditions, the role of family and maintaining links with the past, the organisation has also provided a platform for women to be seen and heard and have some real influence shaping and developing local communities.

Helping others, and in particular, helping other women, has always been at the heart of the QCWA, whether it be through their work with drought and flood affected families in rural Queensland or through the distribution of birthing kits to improve the health and well-being of women and children in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

Belonging to the QCWA is not all hard work, however. The organisation provides numerous activities and personal development opportunities for its members ranging from traditional pursuits such as Dressmaking and Cookery, through to Art and Photography classes and in more recent times Public Speaking and Essay Writing workshops.

As Barbara Harth, Darling Downs Divisional President states,

"There is a little niche for everybody…there's the arts and crafts side, but there is also some interesting work in the area of administration. Similarly, the QCWA is not just for older women. There are a number of 'Younger Set' groups in operation and we also have night time meetings for working women."

So if you are looking for companionship, self-development and an opportunity to make a difference, why not contact Barbara on 07 4696 6066?

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