WARM ADVICE: Check out these easy and cheap ways to warm your home this winter.
WARM ADVICE: Check out these easy and cheap ways to warm your home this winter.

Stay nice and cosy with these household winter tips

HERE are six more easy and cheap ways to get warm during our winter months.

1. Get a door snake

You can buy one, or better still, why not make one out of all clothes you no longer need. Put them against doorways and windows where the cold air seeps through.

2. Warm up the bathroom

Add a floor mat to your bathroom or toilet floor area. You could also use a hot water bottle wrapped in an old towel to rub over your toilet seat to give it some warmth before you sit down.

Keep the bathroom windows closed until just before you have your shower.

Make sure your dressing gown and slippers are kept very handy so you slip into them quickly when you have finished in the shower or bath.

3. Close the door

If you are not using a room, close the door to help trap the heat of your house in areas that you are using.

4. Enjoy the sun

When the sun is up and it shines on your windows, open the curtains and let the sunlight in. There will be some warmth for your room and for your soul.

5. Change your fans

Ceiling fans can be your friend in the winter if you remember to change them from a summer to winter setting. In winter, as warm air is generated by your home's heating system, it rises while cooler air sinks. When the ceiling fan is on its winter setting, it will push the warm air back down.

6. Move your furniture

Shift your favourite chair or couch away from the windows or doorways which let outside air in and away from cold walls, towards where the house heat is being generated.

Don't forget

Dust off your heaters and air out electric blankets, then have them checked now to ensure they are working safely before you start using them.

Also, remember to check the fire alarms in your house or apartment are all in working order.

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