Anna and Jordan pictured as they prepare to serve their main course during their instant restaurant.
Anna and Jordan pictured as they prepare to serve their main course during their instant restaurant. JK D'Arcy

MKR’s Maltese mum knows best in the kitchen

PERTH'S Anna and Jordan are MKR's new frontrunners thanks to classic family recipes.

The mother and son set a tough score of 94 for the show's most competitive contestant, Zana, to beat tomorrow night.

Their Maltese heritage was the star of the night in their instant restaurant Mama Knows Best.

The duo proved to have good time management, preparing elements for all three of their courses before their dinner guests arrived.

In the kitchen they bickered over how long to cook the octopus for their entrée but Anna won out and, in that instance, proved mum does know best.

They also received praise for making their own sausage.

"The octopus is really tender, brilliant, but (there was) not enough of the salsa verde," judge Manu Feildel said.

"It's missing the mark a little bit but great start."

Their work on the main course was briefly derailed when Jordan discovered the lid wasn't on the ice cream churner and he was forced to try to salvage his gelato.

Taking on the judges' advice to cook and plate up the way they do for their family, Anna and Jordan wowed with their main course of braised rabbit.

"Mama you knocked me off my chair," Pete Evans said.

"The onions that were in there were just to die for; that sauce was just profound. It's probably one of the nicest sauces we've had in the competition.

"The only negative, and it's a really small negative, is the rabbit's a little dry. I'm picking at the smallest possible thing. It really was a wonderful dish."

The positive feedback on her father's recipe brought Anna to tears. Even the overly critical Zana raved about the dish, which earned a perfect score of 10 from Manu.

They nearly produced a perfect dessert as well with Anna's traditional date biscuits.

"I was pretty happy after the main course, very satisfied, and I'm very satisfied one more time," Feildel said.

"The pastry is crumbly and melting in the mouth. The ice cream is spot on in terms of the orange blossom flavour."

But Jordan knew the texture of his gelato was a letdown.

"I feel sorry for you mate," Feildel said.

"I wish I could give you full marks for this but I can't."

Evans said it was one of the best desserts he'd ever had in the competition, and it would have been the best if the ice cream had worked out.

Their impressive MKR debut has put Anna and Jorden on the top of the leader board, with Brisbane's Cheryl and Matt still facing elimination.

Outspoken lawyers Zana and Gianni will host their instant restaurant, the final of group one, tomorrow night.


Anna and Jordan's menu

Entrée: Baby octopus with spicy pork sausage, potato and salsa verde

Main: Dad's braised rabbit with Pappardelle

Dessert: Imqaret with orange blossom ice cream

Score: 94

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