The attack that got MKR team booted

What led to Sonya’s MKR spat

AS the My Kitchen Rules fallout continues, axed contestant Sonya Mefaddi has taken to social media to reveal what led to her shocking row that got her and friend Hadil Faiza removed from the show.

The remaining MKR teams have been told by judge Pete Evans that the NSW besties will not be returning to the show.

"We've been left with no other option but to end Sonya and Hadil's involvement in the competition," he said.

"But right now, only seven teams remain. And at the end of this round... team will still be eliminated."

Evans' confirmation of their fate comes as Sonya took to Instagram and Facebook to claim that there was another reason why she reacted at the table the way she did.

In her lengthy explanation, she told fans she would try and explain it without breaking her contract with Channel Seven.

In referring to being in the "MKR bubble", she claimed that she was subjected to insults 'ugly fat b***h' and 'dumb c***' while filming.

They took her back to her childhood, where she was regularly bullied for her race and weight.

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Sonya on MKR during the nasty dinner party. Picture: Supplied
Sonya on MKR during the nasty dinner party. Picture: Supplied

"One memory in particular which I'll never forget was having the contents of my school bag tipped into a bin because of my background. I remember feeling shocked and angry and also feeling so hurt. Fast forward to the 21st century and who would have thought taking part in a cooking competition would bring back all those cruel, hurtful and extremely upsetting words online?," she said.

In hearing the insults during filming MKR, she claimed: "Those words struck a chord with me and really hurt which clearly showed.

"It's been hard to apologise for that reason because it was a two way argument with name calling started by others. Did I handle that moment the best? No."

She also suggested that editing of the show played a part in her negative portrayal. She wrote: "It's been a really tough road seeing myself being portrayed in such a horrible light."

She went on to say sorry for what viewers saw.

MKR contestants Sonya & Hadil. Picture: Instagram @sonyahadilau
MKR contestants Sonya & Hadil. Picture: Instagram @sonyahadilau

"The words I said were out of line and don't reflect my values or who I've grown up to be as a person and I am personally truly sorry," she said.

"I have respect for all the teams in the competition, the long hours of filming, practising and writing out recipes isn't easy.

"We all experienced the MKR bubble together and emotions are heightened, words are said, reactions are given and in this instance that was all that was shown - our reactions."

She then called for her followers to understand the impact the whole saga has had on her, the show's contestants and their families.

Hadil who was booted from MKR after the explosive dinner party. Picture: Supplied
Hadil who was booted from MKR after the explosive dinner party. Picture: Supplied

Both Sonya and Hadil have been savagely attacked online and received death threats as the show has gone to air.

"I hope people can be more sensitive to the mental impact that this has had on me, our fellow contestants and our families and realise we have feelings and the constant bullying is not OK. Love, Sonya x."


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The contestants from NSW were "excused from the table" by MKR judge Manu Feildel after they launched an attack on fellow contestants Jess and Emma from NSW.

The pair had previously posted on their joint Instagram page that they were "sincerely sorry" and there was more to the MKR "scandal".

They wrote: "There is more to the 'scandal' than meets the eye, however we take full responsibility for the words that came out of our mouths and we are sincerely sorry. Like any reality TV show, no one but the people on-set filming 10-14 hour days know exactly what goes on behind the tears, the tension, the smiles, the reactions & the words exchanged. We will not apologise to the network who twisted, provoked and fuelled this entire situation all for ratings. We do however wish to apologise to the viewers for having to witness the situation which should have never gone to air. We wish the remaining teams in the competition the best of luck. Sonya & Hadil x"

MKR contestants Sonya & Hadil with Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. Picture: Instagram @sonyahadilau
MKR contestants Sonya & Hadil with Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. Picture: Instagram @sonyahadilau

While on vacation in Hawaii, Jess and Emma appeared on Sunrise this week where they called for calm and asked people not to troll their rivals, Sonya and Hadil.

They accepted some responsibility for the saga and said: "We're not making excuses for our behaviour."

"There is no place for bullying in any way, shape or form," Jess said.

"I think Australia really needs to look at that if they're so against bullying and what happened on the show, they just really need to go easy on the girls as well.

"Emma and I know first-hand what that's like to be trolled online ... we've forgiven and I think Australia needs to do the same and bullying is not acceptable."

Feildel said that he had "never" seen anything like this in the history of the hit reality TV cooking show.

"Never. I hope I never see it again," he said.

Channel Seven has saturated its promos for months with teasers about the moment where one team had gone "too far".

When asked how the war of words between the contestants began, Feildel said he was unsure.

"I think it was just step-by-step. They started having a go a little bit and it just grew and went too far," he told Weekend Sunrise.

"We like a bit of spice in the kitchen and among the contestants, but this has taken it to a whole new level.

"It is too hot. Of course, we like people with opinions who tell us what they think, but to that extent, it is too much."

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