Emily and Alex on MKR. Picture: Supplied
Emily and Alex on MKR. Picture: Supplied

Emily’s spat sparks MKR fan fury

MY Kitchen Rules fans saw tension reach near-boiling point on the hit reality TV show as contestants Alex and Emily had a couple's spat after their budget meal cooking challenge.

They had 45 minutes to create a budget meal using that feeds a family well using value ingredients.

They went for Crispy Skin Salmon with Poor Man's Parmesan.

It's not the first time Emily has let the pressure get to her. And the viewers know it.

After just getting the meal on the plate in time, Emily broke down and begged her partner Alex to be more organised and to compromise.

"My anxiety is going through the (BLEEP) roof," she said.

"I'm being serious. OK, please."

Alex told her to "take a deep breath", before she said: "I can't do this, all right? Please, Alex. It's too much."

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Emily tells Alex off after the budget meal cooking challenge. Picture: Supplied
Emily tells Alex off after the budget meal cooking challenge. Picture: Supplied


Alex tried to reassure her, saying: "Keep it together. We've got a beautiful dish."

But Emily wasn't having it. She told him: "I don't want to do this."

He hit back, saying: "You need to keep it together, OK?"

Emily then went in again, telling Alex: "If you really want to succeed, we need to compromise and I don't want to keep doing that."

But Alex wasn't convinced, saying: "It looks beautiful. We've got a cracking dish here. I'm so ... I'm so happy with this."

Emily then replied: "I wanted to plate it with extra time and it's not fair when I did so much prep and so much organisation to get this."

In acknowledging that Emily "definitely wears her heart on her sleeve" and that she's "emotional".


The salmon dish Alex and Emily made. Picture: Supplied
The salmon dish Alex and Emily made. Picture: Supplied


He still told her: "You just need to relax because the only way we're gonna move forward is if you just take a breath. We still got it up there. I know it freaks you out but this is part of the competition, OK? and that's why we're here. Look at it. It looks (BLEEP) awesome."

But Emily wasn't having it. She said: "I'm not doing that again. 58 seconds till the protein is on the plate. Are you kidding me? No-one does that. It's stupid. It's (BLEEP) stupid."

The spat got social media talking, with viewers split between backing Alex and Emily. Some claimed Emily was overreacting, "going for the sympathy vote", and suggested that if she found the pressure too tough, that she should step away from the competition.

Viewers then questioned how Emily and Alex's meal of Crispy Skin Salmon with Poor Man's Parmesan was even classified as a budget meal to begin with.

They also picked up the fact a Coles ad ran during the ad break with salmon listed for $26.50 and questioned if it was a cheap dish to cook. Coles is the supermarket partner for MKR.





Despite Emily and Alex's spat, the dish was good enough to get them to the next stage where they had to cook a dish with luxury ingredients that most people can only imagine cooking with to earn them a place in the MKR semi-final in just 60 minutes. They were up against Stella and Jazzey.

Emily and Alex decided to cook steak and chips "like royalty". They cooked Wagyu Steak with Mushroom Ragù, Duck Fat Kipflers and White Truffle.

Viewers then criticised this dish, saying it wasn't a luxury "fine dining" dish compared to their rivals who cooked Seared Tuna with Radicchio & Fennel Salad with Black Olive Dressing.


Emily got stressed again in the final cook-off of the night, leaving Alex to try and calm her down.

"All right, you need to calm down," he said. She replied: "I'm breathing. I'm breathing."

"Now, do you want me to do the steak? Because you've gotta do the truffle. Please, please, please, baby," Emily said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. OK. Just take it easy. Take it easy. I feel Emily's anxiety just creeping up there," Alex said.

Emily then repeatedly begged him: "Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Just get the truffle on the plate."

Again, Emily was in tears during the final judging, where Colin Fassnidge asked her why she was crying.

She told him: "I just feel like Alex and I can't get there."

He replied: "It was not a bad dish. It was a good dish. for a place in the semi-finals. every little piece. I know. It's not gonna get any easier. We understand the pressure, but you knew that's what's gonna happen and it's only gonna get worse."

But it didn't affect their final result, after they beat Stella and Jazzey to earn a semi-final spot alongside Josh and Nic.

My Kitchen Rules continues at 7.30pm tonight on Seven.

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