Learn how to re-pot orchids in Enoggera on October 1

ORCHID expert Dorothy Tyrell is guest speaker at Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club on Thursday, October 1, at Enoggera Memorial Hall.

Dorothy will be demonstrating and talking about re-potting orchids.

Given the correct conditions such as temperature and humidity, light and nourishment, orchids require little care and in most cases only require re-potting when their roots become crowded.

This could be anything from every three to five years.

However, when you first buy a potted orchid, always check the potting medium.

Some nurserymen use a lot of polystyrene in the potting mix.

While this will serve its purpose for a short time, as soon as you can, when the temperature is warm, re-pot the plant in a good orchid mix, or you will find the inert polystyrene will let the plant go into decline.

There are terrestrial orchids which grow in the ground or in soil mixtures in pots.

Other orchids known as epiphytes, use their roots to draw nourishment and moisture from the air.

This orchid grows well on branches or in forks of trees.

In pots, epiphyte orchids need support in a well-drained open mixture of pine bark with some charcoal, etc.

Orchids should be coming into bloom too.

Nevertheless, there are still tasks to do.

Hibiscus needs pruning and fertilised regularly until May.

Poinsettias and related plants also need pruning with care taken to avoid their irritating sap.

Chrysanthemums need to be lifted and divided, and seedlings of petunia, phlox and marigolds planted now, will produce a colourful display for Christmas.

The meeting starts morning tea at 9.45am and visitors and new members are welcome.

The Enoggera Memorial Hall is close to public transport, at corner of Wardell and Trundle Sts, Enoggera.

More info

  • Phone Pat, the president, on 33561256.

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