BIG CHILL: Amateur forecaster predicts a cold winter.
BIG CHILL: Amateur forecaster predicts a cold winter. Tessa Mapstone

ICE AGE: Forecaster predicts 'coldest winter on record'

MINI Ice Ages, horrific thunderstorm and cyclone seasons, and a lot more floods - the future of Australia's weather looks grim according to amateur weather forecaster David Taylor.

Mr Taylor - who runs East Coast Weather Facebook page - has correctly predicted major weather events in the past, and his latest terrifying prediction was that Australia could experience its coldest winter on record.

Temperatures and snowfall could reach shocking levels compared to previous years, and icy conditions could impact huge areas of the country in periods.

Mr Taylor previously told the Cairns Post while it will be "slightly cooler than normal in the north...the real cold will be in the southern states (NSW) and south-east Queensland".

He uses sunspots and interprets them with models to get readings of upcoming weather events, but the majority of weather sources, including The Bureau of Meteorology, don't use this method.

According to National Weather Service: "Sunspots are areas where the magnetic field is about 2500 times stronger than Earth's, much higher than anywhere else on the sun."

"Because of the strong magnetic field, the magnetic pressure increases while the surrounding atmospheric pressure decreases.

"This in turn lowers the temperature relative to its surroundings because the concentrated magnetic field inhibits the flow of hot, new gas from the Sun's interior to the surface."

Mr Taylor wrote a "winter update" on East Coast Weather on April 16.

According to the forecaster, sunspots play a huge role in the earth's weather, including events such as El Nino and volcano activity.

"Sunspot activity is normally 40,000 to 50,000 but at the moment it's down to just 50," Mr Taylor said.

He said the drop in sunspot activity normally affects winters but does not particularly mean summers will be any cooler.

"When sunspot activity drops it normally affects the winters long before any impact on our summers.

"The sunspot activity has reached an all-time low and should be like this for the next seven to 15 years.

"The last time the planet has experienced anything like this was back in 1645 and it created a mini Ice Age.

"I am not saying that it will create a mini Ice Age, but I am saying that this winter overall should be cooler than what we (are) normally used to and we could see snow in areas that hasn't seen snow in a very long time or even snow in places where it hasn't snowed before."

Mr Taylor said this has already been evidence in the Northern Hemisphere where it was one of the coldest winters on record for Russia, and Europe recorded snow in places where snow hadn't been previously recorded.

He said this was due to "big winter storms" formed by "really powerful and deep low pressure systems", and the Southern Hemisphere should experience at least one of these systems.

This means very cold conditions for Australia and possible snow fall to places where it hasn't snowed before.

Coming out of winter he said Australia could see "a horrific thunderstorm and cyclone season" due to the "interaction of colder than normal cold front and possibly hotter than normal summer temperatures".

Future summers could possibly hold "a lot more floods".

"Winter overall should be cooler than normal but if one of these winter storms affects the Australian mainland, then this winter will definitely be one of the coldest that we have experienced in a long time - possibly even on record," Mr Taylor said.

"Winter after this season should gradually get cooler each year until sunspot activity starts to increase."

The Bureau of Meteorology has not yet released their 2018 Winter Seasonal Outlook.

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