COLOURFUL ATTTRACTION: A queen trigger fish.
COLOURFUL ATTTRACTION: A queen trigger fish. Walt Stearns/

Mexico's diving is worth the big travel effort

WHEN Australians think of the Caribbean Sea, they probably think of islands including Jamaica and Cuba.

Cozumel is an island few Australians would have heard of.

In a few weeks, a group of excited local divers is heading to Mexico to dive Cozumel.

The Caribbean island lies just off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yukatan Peninsula.

Cozumel is very popular with North American and European divers.

The majority of the diving takes place on the western side of the island where wall diving is very popular.

Most local dive operators plan a deep, 30m wall dive first, followed by a shallower reef dive.

The Caribbean Sea is world-renowned for its warm, clear waters.

Divers are attracted to Cozumel for its spectacular sea life.

The queen trigger is a beautiful fish sought after by underwater photographers.

It is very shy so it is a real challenge for divers to get up close to them.

Hawksbill turtles can be seen chewing on the local sponges and can often be seen close to shore.

One of the largest fish that divers will come across is the Goliath grouper.

It grows to about 1.5m and normally hides among coral crevices.

It's a long way to travel to Mexico but the diving is spectacular.

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