MEN'S HEALTH: Tips for over 50s for better health

MEN'S HEALTH: valuable health tips for men who are in their 50s and want to live a happier and healthier life.
MEN'S HEALTH: valuable health tips for men who are in their 50s and want to live a happier and healthier life. ajr_images

LIFE at 50 is probably still in full speed ahead, but that's no reason for any man to ignore the state of his health.

In fact, it's a very good time to take stock and review where he is at and what he needs to do to ensure the ageing path is smooth, happy and healthy.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute men's health group Foundation 49 have put together a To Do list of health checks for men who are into their 50th year.

First up is, if you don't have a GP, find one that you feel comfortable with discussing openly your health issues.

Those issues may be physical strength, energy, sex drive and sense of masculinity.

Set yourself a target of meeting with your GP at least once a year; maybe use your birthday as the date you make your annual appointment.

Next up is using the following 50s health check when meeting with your GP -

  • Weight and waist measurement.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Cholesterol and glucose levels.
  • Eye checks.
  • Bowel cancer screening.
  • Tetanus booster every 10 years.
  • Blood test for kidney and liver function.
  • Mental health - talk about any issues or concerns with your GP or a counsellor.
  • Hearing check.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.

There is the ongoing Foundation 49 DIY Tips for over 50 and over -

  • Keep fit by exercising at least three times each week for 30 minutes - try a brisk walk or try cycling.
  • Time Out - enjoy your friends and family.
  • Drink moderately; are you having at least three-alcohol free days each week?
  • Laugh lots and loud.
  • Talk about any problems or concerns you may have with your friends or family or talk to a GP or counsellor.

Next month: Your 60s.

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