Claire Holt in a scene from season two of the TV series Aquarius.
Claire Holt in a scene from season two of the TV series Aquarius. Presto

Menace of Manson grows in drama's new season

THE intrigue and menace of Charles Manson and his cult deepen in the new season of Aquarius.

The 1960s crime drama, starring David Duchovny and Australia's own Claire Holt, follows the rise of Manson and the authorities' attempts to infiltrate his growing 'family' in the years before his infamous Los Angeles murder spree.

The X-Files star Duchovny returns as LAPD detective Sam Hodiak, whose search for a missing teenage girl puts him and his team on the scent of Manson and his mobile hippie commune.

Brisbane-born actress Holt returns as undercover police officer Charmain Tully, who was last seen being kidnapped by biker and Manson henchman Roy Kovic when she was discovered poking her nose around a business used by Manson's drug ring.

"In season two we pick up right at the end of season one," Holt told APN's The Guide.

"You get to see what happens to Charmain and how she finds a way to survive it. She's come into her own and really gets a taste for the undercover work, and we really explore more of that this season.

"She definitely has to think on her feet to come up for a reason for what she's been doing, and she's pretty convincing in that. She has a brain and she wants to be considered equal to the men (in the police force)."

As the enigmatic Manson (Gethin Anthony, of Game of Thrones fame) gains a greater following and grows in confidence, the situation will become even more dangerous for the undercover officers.

"There's more danger as the season progresses and Charmain becomes a bit addicted to that danger," Holt said.

"She really wants to prove herself and sometimes can be a little reckless. She really goes for it and commits to it.

"At times she doesn't' have a line and puts herself in situations that aren't the best."

There has been speculation about how much time season two of Aquarius would cover.

Holt confirms viewers will get to see the Manson family commit the first of their now infamous murders.

"Yes we explore the murders; that's where we get to this season and you get to meet new characters who were involved in those murders," she said.

"It's horrifying. I remember when I watched the first episode I was enthralled and terrified and gripped. It's shot very cinematically."

Holt, who landed a role on the hit US show Pretty Little Liars after making her acting debut in Australian fantasy mermaid series H2O: Just Add Water, has been juggling Aquarius with her regular role on supernatural drama The Originals.

She will also star in the upcoming movie 47 Meters Down opposite Mandy Moore.

"That's the beauty of event television - you spend four or five months and give everything you've got and then you get to go away and explore other characters," Holt said.

But the Brisbane native still finds time to come home for the occasional visit.

"I came home in October when my mum turned 60 for a surprise birthday party," she said.

"I went for a walk on the beach here (in LA) today and it always reminds me of home. I'm itching to come back again."New season of Aquarius zooms in on attempts to thwart cult's murderous plans,

Season two of Aquarius debuts on Presto today.

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