Bobbie Miller, Catherine Hayter and Louisa Doig have have had their lives changed being apart of the Gladstone Weight Watchers group.
Bobbie Miller, Catherine Hayter and Louisa Doig have have had their lives changed being apart of the Gladstone Weight Watchers group. Paul Braven GLA150117WEIGHT

'Age is no barrier': 3 Gladstone women shed up to 100kg

AT 75-years-old, Bobbie Miller didn't let age stop her from losing 17kg.

"People think they're too old to do it, but I'm not," Ms Miller said.

"I just wanted to look good in my clothes."

Ms Miller said she lost the weight through eating healthy and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables along with the guidance from Weight Watchers programs.

"They teach you the right way to eat," Ms Miller said.

Going for daily pool walks, Ms Miller said she no longer has to take high blood pressure tablets and her legs are not achy from the weight she was carrying.

"The best thing is that I feel good," she said.

Catherine Hayter said she also feels good after overcoming breast cancer and losing a total of 65kg.

Ms Hayter said the meal proportions are the most important part, which is sometimes difficult for the Italian who loves food.

"I learnt that food is for fuel, not food for pleasure," she said.

Ms Hayter, who has been involved with Weight Watchers twice, said she lost 35kg the first time she tried the program then 30kg this time.

"I eat real food and I had to reassess why I eat, because I'm an emotional eater," Ms Hayter said.

"I still eat chips, but I use the air fryer and I eat salads and meat for lunch."

The bokwa instructor is currently completing her certificate three and four to become a personal trainer.

Ms Hayter said losing the weight has turned her into a gym junkie where she is "lucky" if she has one day off a week.

The meals have also changed the way her whole family eats, which is something Louisa Doig also discovered.

"Eating healthy affects the whole family," Ms Doig said.

"For me, it'll teach them to have a good relationship with good because it's something they will have been around all their lives."

The mother of three said with each child it became harder to get the weight off but through controlling her portion sizes Ms Doig lost 20kg and has kept it off for the last year.

"I can fit it in with my kids, they eat with me and eat what I eat," she said.

"I eat anything and eat healthily, controlling the portions is the hardest thing."

Ms Doig said she doesn't eat anything fancy, instead sticking to old favourites like spaghetti bolognese, pasta and roasts.

Along with eating healthily controlled portion sizes, the three women all exercise daily with a weekend break.

Gladstone Weight Watcher diamond coach Chantal Brassington said she thinks the three women are the most inspirational women for overcoming different hurdles and still reaching their weight loss goals.

"It's about teaching people to make healthier choices rather than eating something else," Ms Brassington said.

Ms Brassington lost 27kg and said eating healthy and controlling portions that suits the individual is the best way to lose weight and keep the weight off.

"Age is no barrier, we'll go to 100 if we have to," she said.

Ms Doig said losing weight soon becomes a whole lifestyle change.

"It's about changing life but it's not a quick fix."

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